Nihon style in America

2 01 2010

Yesterday was the first day of the year. LZ and I had a pretty laid back day.

I was up a 6:00am doing my Zazen and then some computer stuff. I ended up falling back asleep and sleep for a couple of hours. Part from the early start, part from the late night before, part from being sore fro New Years Eve ceremonial shoot. It was a great training and gave me several levels of break through. The aftermath of painful discomfort is nothing compared to the gain. That can be said for many things in life ne! Perhaps we will even think that of life once we are done here…but I digress.

LZ rang the lunch bell around noon, she had prepared a Japanese style lunch. It was small but filling. Some things we had purchased at the local Japanese market, somethings she made all of it was Oishii.

We had a small shrine for her father and my brother setup as well. We shared the traditional New Years Sake drink with Otosan in the family heirloom Sake set. we had a couple of different kinds of Sake, one which had gold flakes. There are more pictures @ Zen’s Kaze ( while there make a click donation or two, send Zen to Nihon) 🙂

Afterwards LZ went to work, I went to the marina, to organize s/v Zen for the New Year. Part of Japanese tradition is to have things cleaned and organized for the New Year. I was running a day with with that for the Boat, but Shigatakunai ( ok this is most likely spelled wrong).

Anyway we are off to a good start…Minasan Ganbattemasho ne!




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