The 1st bash of the yr…Mantis abound

3 01 2010

I had at first thought ok this is the last of the party events for 2009. However, my thought patterns changed, because it is all in perspective and that was indeed wrong and living in the past. This the first of the year’s party events, yeah that the ticket. It’s 2010 let’s get busy…onward!

I headed out to Walnut Creek, to the Tai Chi Mantis School there. It was the first New Year’s Celebration of the new decade. I arrived 1 hour later than the party was listed to start. There was still only a few people there. I was pleased to see my clan represented by a student and a former student his wife to be. The rest were WC’s school except for one Sihing from San Jose and another from Hawaii, although he does not live there, he lives out here. Ok, Let’s change that, he is from South Bay, that’s better. So there are 4 school in attendence when I arrived.

Chit chat chit chat, blah , blah, the usual stuff. Even some talk of Kyudo since B- Shing had seen my picture on Facebook doing Kyudo. For the most part we hung out by the grill , then inside etc, waiting for Sisuk to show up.

Little by little more folks came in, after a while there was a pretty good size group. Many of whom I did not know. Well, except for the seniors of course. There was lots of food. Even a few things that I could eat, like the Salmon that was grilled. It was BTW sugoi OISHI, oops, sorry Chinese talk now , it was Hao Chr!

I got to catch up on misc things, with the Walnut Creek group and even made a few connection for perhaps some future web and or design work. The South Bay group I already knew what was up with them as I had already seen them not to long ago or heard of the local news when I was at Sifu’s.

It is proper to wait for the Elder / School head, in this case Sisuk to arrive before eating. However we got the ok to get started as he and the Simo were running late.

My other Sihing from Campbell showed up. Now we are  five schools. Shortly after that Sisuk arrived. One can always tell when he arrives, His chi is so strong, a very powerful presence, and he is kind of loud, but in a good way. 🙂

Now the food and drink ready started to flow. Everyone was enjoying themselves. I had several helpings of Salmon and a couple of salad. A just a little on dessert and wine as I am watching my sugar intake and driving.

It was interesting looking over the old pictures on the wall from the past events, seminars and demos the school did and how we have changed, grown up and those missing over the years. I’ve been training with this group for more or less the last 15 yrs. It will be weird living in Japan away from this family.

Life indeed is a trip in more ways than one.




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