2010 Kyudo the begining

4 01 2010

So today was my first class the year. I have had a run on post for the holidays ne! Today was my first 2010 class and maybe the last of my general Kyudo post since they may be kind of boring just being about training. Just like just weekly Chan practice, or Fu practice I think it maybe boring to read unless something major is happening.

Target from the 60 meter Tanuki event last year

The students that went away for the holidays and we thought were coming back today, did not. So it was at frst just the two of us and later one other person I had not seen before showed up. Today we went to an out door range to practice. It was a very nice landscape. However muddy and only one person could shot at a time at hte location we chose. There were a lot of western style archers there, they were all enjoying themselves. I recall when I did that, but after Kyudo see no challenge in it. Even more so with compound bows and tele-sights. To each their own. Sensei helped me with my misc errors , breathing,  sightings arm angles etc. He says the next main thing I need to work on to be ready for Tokyo is my Tai Hai. I need to be comfortable with that. He is so right. Of course I have spent only a little time on it. Part of the things that happen in today’s practice is a discovered a little trick on holding the ya in the right hand comfortable and being able to keep the angle under control. That was something I had had trouble with. Another thing is that the release that clicked in the other night has stayed with me. I am able to make a smooth release each time with my right now. Very Cool, I love making progress.

I got to spend some time talking with S. Sensei today on the topic of another student , a former one. He is a pretty aware man, more than I thought from the beginnings, of course like everyone he has his issues. Anyway this person of our discussion will not be accepted back into his fold with out a major change of attitude on respect for others the class. Sad, but understandable. I was not really expecting his to say otherwise, however I told this person I would ask on his behalf since he is part of the Tanuki Clan. I kept my word which is important. It is the one thing we really own in this world or at least one of the few. We are known by our word. I have lost respect for many who’s words are but water on a hot day. anyway that is another story…

I signed up today as an official member of the Northern California Kyudo Federation under Renseikan Dojo. I will be training the next several months to test in Tokyo, and complete in the 1st Kyudo World Cup Tournament. Yoshi!

BTW , thank you much all you have stopped by zenkaze.blogspot.com and donated. Come by often I am grateful for your help every click counts.


Akemaste Omedeto Gozaimasu!




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