Kung Fuing around…On a winter’s nite

7 01 2010

This was the first “taichi-fu” class of the year. It was cold but not that cold. after hearing the other night that Sisuk has his students outside in the morning doing there practice I felt better about having mine in the park. Of course in the park is where many Chinese practice, having a building is a western comfort.

I dressed for the evening, Long John’s, Wool socks, Wool gloves, heavy pull down cap. The first student I come across was my new student from the Monday Tai Chi class. I was surprised to see her, even though she said she was coming, people say things they do not follow through on. I have come to expect that, so it was a surprise. I guess she will be one of those that have the real  “do it” spirit” Good for her! However now the work begins. I had her do just Tai Chi Walk. Some correction from her first short group class, then just practice. She was a good student, she did just practice. I was able explain some things to her I think better image wise using things I had gained from Kyudo as well as Chen(Zen) practice that I believed helped her . It felt right and is exactly what I wanted to get from the cross training. I love it when a plan comes together. Now I just need to be able to do it in Japanese, that will be the real trick, completeness to the plan. For now small steps is good. Building, understanding the root system in English.

So now my regular class ( outside the P&R) is up to 4 students. Two for Tai Chi , and two doing a combination of Tai Chi and Shaolin/Mantis training. The full curriculum. I hope to build up the Sat. class, but for now, at least with the new student on Weds. and the one new one on Sat, I am doing a little better than breaking even. Yatta!




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