A snail on Fuji-san

11 01 2010

Sunday was class with S. Sensei. I turned in my paperwork for April in Japan. So it is official at least from this end,  I’m scheduled to go. He asked if I was going to compete. I said, well I’m not expecting to win or even place, maybe it will be a waste. He said, Yeah, but IT IS the 1st Kyudo World cup, you may only get 2 shots, but at least you were there, maybe you’ll get lucky and get 4 shots. I laughed and said, Yeah that is what I was thinking also. It is about the journey.  Put me down for it! YOSH!

After talking some about the website I’m going to design for the school, and getting the school mon. We spent the next 30 min more or less loading up the van to head off to the shooting range.

Once there is was not as crowed as last week with the western shooters.

Not that it mattered to us other than parking. It seems no one uses the 28 meter range. It was empty. Not as muddy as last week so that was nice.

I recived some corrections on my draw. It seems as it could be bigger still. I had improved but I was still cutting it off to soon. Also my Tenuchi is still funky at (most) times. My last teacher said it is called the 10 year grip so, It will take me awhile to get it right, just more practice, maybe 10 yrs, like the basic with Tai Chi…Yosh, banatte Fuu-chan.

We spoke about my targetting. I told him I can get close to the target hit right next to it, almost a circle around it right on the edge, much more than hitting the target.

He said, it is common for our human mind to locate the edge of things. Do not try for the target, aim at the center of the target! Hmmm I thought ok. I’ll see how that works out at RSD on my next relaxed practice time.

Next we went over to another dojo, where he shares space with another group, Aikido, and Iaido.

There we went through Tai Hai. Timing, count, starting, exit, turns, breathing, etc, etc,etc. All that good stuff. It felt better afterward, still I will need to do a lot more practice to get comfortable. Especially the keeping one knee raised a few inches bit. OMG!  What the Heck is up with that!! It’s like the lead guys said, ok, let see how uncomfortable we can have these guys and then see if they can still shoot. Yeah I know it is suppose to be about staying ready, not comfortable, but seriously is that really necessary. There is already plenty to stay focused about…OMG! Not only do we want them to be uncomfortable, let see if they can stay balanced, look dignified, then stand and shoot without falling on their face while standing and still hit the target.

Jhezz! This is going to be painful! This will really take spirit to ganbatte!!  Like a snail climbing Fuji-san …YOOOOSH!!!!!

…to be continued




2 responses

11 01 2010
Rick Beal

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I really enjoy your posts.

11 01 2010

Arigato Jyozen-san

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