Dharma Karate

14 01 2010

Dharma Karate, when I first saw that sign I thought, huh, what is this? This was over at the Alameda Buddhist Temple, I was checking things out. I thought hmmm maybe some kind of new Spiritual internal Karate. That would be different since it is so much about power to me, on the beginning levels. I met the Reve Sensei and started visiting the service and went by the Karate class. It was a small class the Minister was the Sensei I was surprised at that. Anyway the class was small when I firs tstarted visiting there was only one kid, then that grew to two later. I had heard here and there about people who ahd studied with him when they were younger.

I was invited to come work out when I could. I came most Tuesdays, since I was not working, it was something to do and it helped the Sensei and gave me a little practice. I was not and still am not into doing Karate anymore, but I figured well it is helping someone, and it gives me some practice. After a while a couple of other kids came and one parent. They have been there for a while. I call it a while because it has been over  a couple of months, records for people sticking with this type of training.

Anyway I do not really get any training out of this, I help teach so it is in a way my karmic pay back for the instructions I have recived in the past and still do from my teachers. Perhaps that is how my karma is working, should work.

This week I was asked to teach the full class since Rev. Sensei was going to be in Japan. I said ok, I dug up some punching mints to donate to the class as well.  I had them do a pretty good work out, I saw a couple of them sweating and breathing hard. I make them work. I am harder on them than the Sensei is most times. So it was good.They seem to like that I give them more complex things to do.

I had thought that Dharma was the teachings of Buddha, or the truth from the Buddha, or something like that. Wikipendia says:

The term About this sound dharma (help·info) (Sanskrit: dhárma, Pāḷi dhamma) is an Indian spiritual and religious term that means one’s righteous duty, or any virtuous path.

So within that context, me helping to teach or Sensei teaching for no charge to these people, like my Kyudo Sensei does for me, is a form of Dharma… Dharma Karate. I get it now.




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