Undercover geek

16 01 2010

After spending most of the day in front of a computer screen for the second day doing one thing or another, I have decided I am a undercover geek. Someone once said to me if you have more than 1 computer your a geek. I have 4 laptops. One is really old, …really really old, still has windows 97 on it. Yeah, it’s that old. One Mac will not boot, one I inherited from my bother, the other Mac I purchased, the last Laptop is a PC from a former job, I was given it. Not too bad since I did not buy all of them…half. Anyway that qualifies me for a geek card.

I spent most all of yesterday working on a couple of websites. Mostly one http://www.gingkokyudo.org. Not just the site, but graphic background, logo, trying things, etc. I get into it. When I’m doing something Arty, I’m there. So, hmmm maybe this is not a full geekness, since it was arty, art geek??? Anyway, it is good, I enjoyed it and felt it was a “dharma thing” . Which is very good since I have not gotten a thanks for it. I was not doing it for the money so it is not about that. There is a sense of “art” completion that goes with seeing a creation done and appreciated … appreciated is kind of key, but done will work some time with the right mental adjustment.


The other project is for my Kyudo Sensei. I felt since he was doing a Dharma /Karma thing teaching me Kyudo, I would do the same for him designing a website. http://www.renseikankyudojo.info.

It is also a learning thing or me as well trying some new ideas on design and technique . Sometimes they work, sometimes… not so much. This site I also put a blog with it. I do not know if Sensei will use it, or just me writing even more stuff this time just on Kyudo. However he, Sensei is a smart guy and knows alot, it would be good if he did put some of it down into a blog. There are few Kyudo Blogs around. It would be nice to have someone who knows something to write a blog on Kyudo from a higher view. I’m just a newbie and writing my new guy experiences. Someone who knows a lot more than me, like someone who I will not name, or someone of rank who has been in it for years it would be great to hear something from them.

Anyway, tomorrow I go back undercover with my geekness. I teach my Kung Fu / Tai Chi class in the morning then shoot Kyudo in the afternoon. Then home for dinner and some book study, Japanese, Kyudohon. The test in April is not just about shooting it is also about term, language, form. I have at this writing some 94 days to get my act completely together. I’m pretty sure I’ll get some Kyu, but Sho-dan is my goal. As for the tourny, it is all about the experience, the journey. I’m still not sure where the money is coming from , but I’m planning as it it will happen and expect the Universe to make it happen, that’s it’s job.

I got dumped by Google doing the ad click thing. They said I was a risk, what does that mean? I did not even get my $20.00 buck form it grrrrr.  Maybe the things I am selling of my brother’s will help finance the trip. If nothing else I will dip into my reirement funds. I think this trip will be important enough for that, since it is not just all about Kyudo. I’ll drop by one or two talent agencies and see a couple of working musicians, maybe I can setup some connections for future work. I will also have another meet with an acquaintance who owns several sailing schools in Japan. Maybe I can get a job with his group . He is also a Zen Master so we connect on a couple of levels. I would also like to hear one of his lectures on Zen, maybe Zen and sailing, we had a talk on that before on my last visit, over tea. Another thing about this trip, beside looking for an area to live,  is it will be my first time traveling alone for a great distance in Japan. It will test my skills on many levels as LZ will stay home with Okasan. I’ll just be out there…in Nihon…alone. To bad I dislike Tokyo.

Sunday back to Kyudo practice. The Tanukui clan will have a “sit down” over tea with our resident problem child on his wanting to change the name and start teaching some classes at the dojo. Which will most likely mean another Web project for me. Which is ok, it helps build my portfolio for working.

A bit of good news, and perhaps a good sign for the New Year, I have signed the final papers on the short sale of the Condo…whoohoo! There is still the tax stuff to deal with , but at least the getting the payment notices and calls is done, whoo hoo!  Now the next big good news I need is a JOB! that would be off the hook good! More so if it is a job a want not just a job, but I would be very grateful for that even since my unemployment is is just about done. Time for the Miracle worker to step up.




6 responses

17 01 2010

… waiting for a miracle??? …join the club, it’s free of charge!!!

17 01 2010

Hugs to you Frankie, always nice to read you 🙂

18 01 2010

Don’t you think that for us to have reached the age we are, is a miracle, as crazy as the world is! Miracles happen…

20 01 2010
Mark W.

there’s no windows 97. maybe you got office 97 on a windows 95 or windows 98 box.
eh, whatevs. it don’t matter. too many numbers.

20 01 2010
Mark W.

btw, test if you are a geek or not. if my answer was clear, you are a geek. if you’re wondering what i meant by “box”, you are not yet a geek.

20 01 2010

Hmmmm, now I’m wondering if it is 95 or 98… however not enough to go boot up the Dino to see (^_^) Maybe 98 cause I tried to update to 2000, but it would not take for some reason, HD space or “puter” speed.

Like you say eh, whatevs…(^_^)

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