Some plans get all wet…

22 01 2010

It has been raining here for the last three days. This is unusual, but maybe not, I lose track of things like this sometimes. After all it is winter so maybe it is normal we get a couple of weeks of rain, then it’s mostly done.

Anyway… I planned on Kyudo practice today, having passed on a couple of days and with EDD running out I really need to be selective about my travel and even more so when I have to pay a bridge toll. I headed out to the Dojo in the afternoon. I figured on a nice quiet afternoon of practice, with the rain as a background noise. My shock came when I went to the Dojo and found there was a mini sized reproduction of the great lakes on the dojo floor!! Yikes!!! With an added kick of Tanuki tracks for cuteness.

I settled in to cleanup the best I could with what I had. There was a wet/dry vac, but no power. I did it the ole school way, push the water and mop. It was slow, but, not a big deal. So much for my plan of Tai Hai practice. No kneeing on the wet floor. So I just worked on my shooting. I still got the sound of rain as a backdrop to the afternoon shot, but with added part of water inside as well. Ce’st La Vie. After 25 shots,  call it a day and back outside into more rain. It is a good thing I like the rain, but driving in it not so much.

Form, aim and breath, form, focus and breath, form and focus. I worked on alignment, that helped, There was no pain, there was little shaking most of the time it felt correct. Far from perfect but on the track. I had a couple of shots that felt right, both were good hits, one was dead center. I started focusing on the center more, making it zoom into to me, at least grow larger, it was kind of weird when it happened. Burning that image of the center into my brain, then Bam! Hit! Yeah Baby! I’m at about a 31% hit rate. Not all that good but, better than before. If  can get that up to a 50% by the the tourney. I will feel ok. So with some 88 days to go most of these post will be Kyudo related , as the Kyudo clock goes tic tock. After that it will be business as usual.

It looks like things are working out for the trip, there is some family assistance on making this happen. There are some family affairs that need to be handled so that is perfect. It also looks like I will be able to see my first Renmei Kyudo Sensei. He is still teaching on the same schedule as when I was there two years or so ago. I think he will be surprised I am still with it. He will be my first major Kyudo reality check in Japan. I am feeling nervous about that, but if he says I’m ok, I will feel more confidant going to test with his corrections/adjustments. So it is good I can see him before the Event.

I’m walking around the apt these days doing the walk and kneeling practice. Doing the Tai Hai for the most part, to me is just doing another form, another Kata. I think my shooting is ok for the beginners exam, I do need some practice with the Tai Hai timing. I will not really have that many more classes between now and then, because I will need ot make myself available for work with the sailing school, with no EDD which means weekends. Which is the only time I can take lesson, so I have to really practice with what I have in limited time, and even more limited funds.

Anyway the trip is being made possible by outside forces, so I’m sure things will work out all the way around. It is time for my fortune to improve. The condo short sale has finally closed, Yay! I’ve got those two interviews under my belt. I’m waiting now to see WHEN is the second round. I’ve also gotten a couple of freelance web projects, things are starting slow but feels like they will pickup, even though there has been a slow down with Sisuk’s projects. I just need to be patient, and have faith in the Force.

Next week I need to tune into the the musician Chi. I said I would do a song for my bother’s memorial service using his Bass. So I will need to practice and tap into that energy and no Kyudo class next week. I should however get one day a week  at least out at RSD to practice. Crunch time over the next 88 days to make this all work. Yosh!





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