a Sunday before 83 days…

26 01 2010

Tick tock on the Kyudo clock…

On Sunday I went to the temple. It was the day of New Year service at Alameda Buddhist Temple. There was a rare sighting of a Blasian couple there, one of us. They were young, maybe mid 20’s and had a very cute baby with them, they sat with the girl’s father. What was really unusual was one couple, brought their dog. I’ve seen this hound before there. He is very well behaved. I just think it is very different to bring your dog to church. I wonder if the Baptist churches would allow that. I would have brought Hanako to service with me when she was alive.

Service was short but not as short as usual, it did run over some which is rare. There was lunch served afterward because of the New Year event. I had planned on staying however once they said there was Prime Rib being servered I changed my plans. I had Kyudo practice anyway afterwords. Oh, one other thing that makes this “church” different is they had “wisdom juice” ( liquor) as Rev Sensei calls it served at the luncheon. That is really different. One woman said that another meeting, we do not have cast in stone rules, we have guides to live by. We strive to achieve these higher things, but we still enjoy things of life with moderation.

After I paid my respects where due, I sliped out to go to Kyudo practice.

Today in class we had a visitor form China doing Kyudo with us. He was not Chinese, but an American who lived and worked in China. He is studying Kyudo there with a Japanese Sensei. While in Ca he was making the rounds of visiting Renmei schools. I kind of got the impression that he was also teaching or helping teaching China, but I:m not sure since his skills were  not all that, maybe my impression came because he was a talker.

Since I arrived late I did not get much shooting time in. The morning practice at the house was all shooting at the Makiwara. I got there with about 30 min left. So I did a watch and learn practice rather than do the stringing and all. Once we went to the afternoon practice area we got dressed, and put up the targets. There we spent the afternoon doing Tai Hai. I kind of like doing Tai Hai, maybe because I have to, I get into it. It is tiring though. And now a couple of days later , my leg hurts. I guess I need to do it more around the house. I thought I was doing it enough to be helpful, but I guess not enough or my leg would not be sore. So I have some 83 days to get my leg strength better. Also my timing, I got the timing if I am in the first three of the group, but I am still unclear on the 4th or 5th person, that is the tricky part, when to knock. I now when the person in front the person in front of me does Hanare I stand, the rest is unclear.… 83 days and counting.




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