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29 01 2010

My last trip to LA was to clean out my Brother’s apt. He was still alive, it was weird. His main concern when I told him I was going to do it was to get his instruments. I did along with other misc stuff. A short time later a matter of two weeks if that he passed away. I have his Bass, I tinkered with it a bit. Not that long ago I purchased a new Bass for myself, which I wrote about just before doing some studio work on a audio book sound track. So I was not really that interested in his Bass. Anyway, It is a 6 string, this one of my brothers is a 4. I am finding though it is very nice. I plan on taking it to Japan as part of my musical gear.

A couple of weeks, well almost a couple of months really I went to church with Mum and came up with the idea of doing a song with Lil brother’s Bass for his memorial service. I figure my sister will spring something on me to do like a speech which I dislike. This way I’ll beat her to it and be in control. I’ll do a little tune on his Bass.

It is this Sunday, I have been practicing this week. My chops are really bad, I was ready to change the plan and back out of this more than a couple times. I found out this Bass is really nice after listening to it through an Amp rather than just feeling the action un-plugged. But that is not the point. I applied some Zen philosophy to my playing and uncomplicated what I was trying to do. Tune into the music not how I was playing and keep it simple and just play. I’m feeling better and the song is coming along to the point I feel like I can pull it off. Part of the thing is I’m doing a solo, it has been years since I’ve done that and even then with a guitar and a harmonica, not just a Bass and Harmonica. I found was trying to play to much to fill in the missing pieces.  Focusing on what I have, not what I’m missing made the difference.

I’m still a bit nervous because I know I will made some mistakes, and there is no band to cover it up. Also it will be the first time playing in front of my family and Mum’s church folks. It will make her happy, it will make me nervous. I think I owe it to my brother to ganbatte. It will be good practice also for centering and being calm under the pressure I will face in Japan. In a way it will be like doing Kyudo, focus on doing the simple form correct ( notes), not rushing, complete each part, being mindful, the arrow will find the target.  Just another form a training. Sometimes it is not that you make a mistake, like dropping an arrow,  it is how you handle yourself or the situation after you make the mistake. Yosh!




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29 01 2010


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