Kyudo afternoon, Kung Fu nite

30 01 2010

It was a long day, it did not start off raining there was some sun, for a bit.

I was up later than my regular time. For some reason I was pooped and did not want to get up before the sun. I had Chan practice on Thursday night. It was a quiet practice just me and my two Chan sisters. We got a little caught up on our current life, and what Shifu was doing. It was kind of nice just the three of us. We had a 35 min. sitting then a chat. Anyway I digress.

On Friday I did some organizing of some of my brothers stuff to get ready for our trip to Sacramento on Sunday for the Memorial Service. Afterwards I headed out to V-town for some Kyudo practice. I was doing a solo practice today as my Sempai was there on Weds and Thurs. He needed so  solo time so I changed my plans fro today which gave me some. It worked out. Sat we will have group practice at the 60 meter Dojo.

Today I was at RSD, I did not have to clean up the great lakes that were there last time. There was only a little creek this time, which I made short work of making disappear. Then I had at it. I practiced my Tai Hai 5 times. I had 5 arrow per shooting set, and was going for a 25 arrow day. So at the start of each set I did Tai Hai, then just did regular shooting. It worked out well. I did some taping so I could check myself later and also have a couple of teachers check me as well. Overall I think i did pretty well only a few small mistakes, forgetting to left the knee at first, and not keeping the Yumi tip at eye level when turning at couple of time. Other wise it went pretty well. Even when I smacked myself with the string when shooting I did not lose form. Kung Fu training helps, because it really hurt. But i did not show it, from the tape play back. Not only that I still made the shot. That was only two time I made the shots back to back and one of those was when I got hit. That was my best series in fact. I made three out of five shots that set. I know for sure two of them where back to back, it could have however been more. Now I just need to keep that up.

If I can do three out of five all the time I’d be pleased. Even two out of two consistently.  I think my Hikiwaki looks better, it feels better, larger and I can hold Kai much better now. It was a 25 arrow day. If I can maintain that once a week plus a regular class with Sensei, I think I’ll be ok for testing. More time would be better, but the there is the travel cost to deal with on a shrinking budget. Anyway it was a good day at the Dojo, at least the ending shots were even after I got tired. So that is really an improvement.  My Tenuchi was better through out.

Friday Fu

After heading home for a little break. I watched the tape of my Tai Hai , not too bad I had a bowl of cereal and heading out to Kung Fu. It was raining now, and the traffic was bad. It in fact sucked. So I did not get to Shifu’s until much later than I planned. As it turned out, Shifu was not there. My classmates and Art Sihing were there along with Fong Sisuk, but Shifu was not.

When I arrived they we deep into a discussion of Knife defense application. Fong Sisuk was explaining the difference between doing some beginners drills and advantage real life usage. As usual stressing that it is one strong foundation is training that makes the difference in usage. Also stressing the Principals. The technique changes from situation to situation but the principals are the same.

He did a few demo’s on disarms and for some reason I ended up being the attacker…pain pain pain, my hands are cut up from his fingernails digging into my pressure points. He would say, oh sorry I do not mean to hurt you. You ok? I say yeah, but I have to play guitar on Sunday. From then on I tried to stay away from being the demo guy and keep someone else next to him (^_^).

We spoke on many subjects that night. How it is more important to KNOW a form, the in’s and out’s than to know a lot of forms (sets/Kata). Sets are important, but they can only take one to a certain level you need to have a training partner to feel how things are going to really work. We also spoke about styles history, Shaolin, northern vs Southern styles.  Training methods, training that one get out of a technique beside the application. About the form/ set from our system that is from a famous bandit. Which Mantis system is more closely related to Tai Chi Mantis, in theory and application. Which is more closer in linage. How the use of the wooden dummy training in Wing Chun is different from Dummy training in Tai Chi Mantis. What is the difference between Seven Star and Tai Chi Mantis in appilcation. Which of the two is closer to Shaolin. Also how the 9th generation (mine) is not making any advancements in the art. With us it like a change of guard or going from a war vet serving President to a peace time President. The mind set, the culture the times are different. My generation is the last to learn from the old school masters.

It was an interesting late night session. They were still at it when I had to leave. They were moving over to the Wooden dummy as I was getting ready to head home. It was 11:30pm and I had a early morning Kung Fu class to teach.




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