Bone yard Kyudo

31 01 2010

Sat. am I was up sleepy eyed and tired, yet I headed out to Kungfu class. I had to ganbatte as I am the Shifu. I would have preferred to stay in bed. Once there after some stretching, breathing, etc, I was good. We had a small class as usual but meaningful.

Next I went home did some this n that and heading then to Kyudo practice. The Tanuki clan, -1 were going to shoot at the 60 meter Dojo, called the BoneYard. There are several reasons for this name, at least for us. One is there are dead mice skeletons here and there since it use to be a grain storage warehouse or something like that, so the little guys are still around. Another reason at least to us is it destroys Ya’s.

It was a beautiful weather day. The bone yard is right next to the water, the inlet leading to Vallejo marina and Mare island. I took in visually the sight and recalled sailing up this very channel a couple of times. Peaceful thoughts to go into Kyudo practice.

The setup was easy and somewhat simple, there were some adjustments to be made but we over came and got on with the shooting. This was only our second time here and doing this, so it took some adjustments. Distance , angle, draw, sighting, 60 meters is a whole new game.

After a few test shoots I was able to start hitting the target, as did my Sempai.

After a while I started feeling the effects of a late night Kung Fu session and a early class. I went outside to sit in the sun and enjoy the water view. I got somewhat of a second wind and went back for more.

We had about 1 hour left, I did a couple more shots, some hit, some did not. I found something I notice the other day at RSD, after a few shots, there is a certain peace that settles in around me. A quiet, not the quiet of no noise but the quiet of doing Zazen. Things slow down, like going into another dimension, of this reality. I took my time shooting and in holding Kai, I have found the zone for holding Kai and continuing to expand without feeling stressed from holding the Yumi in place. I took my last two shots. Bam, Bam… both hits. Two Shoots , Two hits. Yatta!

I quit while I was ahead (^_^)




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31 01 2010

Dear Friend!
Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!
I’m an omnivore but I do appreciate vegetarian and vegan cuisines and make a point to help friends with special priorities!
I see you are very much into Japanese martial arts.
I spent a long time practicing judo in my first years in Japan.
Actually would you believe that the owner of my favourite sake brewery, namely Takashima Brewery (Hakuin Masamune) holds a 5th dan in Judo! No wonder we became friends!
I also noticed you are interested in pottery. You will have to check my friend, Robert Yellin’s newsletter from now on!
Looking forward to talking to you again!
My regards to the Missus!
Best regards,
(just in case WordPress takes you to my Fanatsy Blog!)
Now if you are interested in serious fantasy do come and visit me at

31 01 2010

Thanks for dropping in R-G. Actually the only Japanese MA I’m interested in is Kyudo. Otherwise I’m all about Chinese Martial Arts. ^_^. I do have a great interest in Japanese ceramics so I will be checking out the Newsletter. Once we move to Japan (2012) the two Japanese Arts I will study there are Kyudo and Ceramics.

I have passed your sites on to my wife. She would prefer the in Japanese however will make the effort to read about some interesting foods in English.

Mata ne!

PS I do enjoy some serious fantasy as well. (^_^)

1 02 2010

Cheers, mate!
Tell the Missus I also have a Japanese blog, although she will not find many recipes there!
It’s called Shizuoka Gurume: http:://
Where in Japan do you plan to move to>?

1 02 2010

Soory, made a mistake in the link.
Should be:
Gomen ne!

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