Amazing Grace…

1 02 2010

An old gospel hymn, I had been working on a version of this, this week, to do at my the memorial service for my brother. Today it was held.

It was not that great a start. My sister was due in on Friday, however due to a major storm in D.C. all flights were canceled. My 2nd brother calls me a couple of hours before LZ and I are heading to Sac. and says can you pick up sister on your way? Huh! Sac airport is not on my way!, ( I’m 1.5 hrs away, they are 20 mins. Something is wrong with this logic) Sigh ok! But she has to wait until we get there.

About 30 min later I recall, hey I do not know what airline. I call my brother back, no answer. Great! LZ and I head out to parts unknown basically. The service is at 2:00pm. We get to the airport at 1:45 after going to the wrong terminal first of course. Finally I get in touch with my brother. Oh, they do not have the same setup as Philly everything is at one check out. Ok…crimany I think.

After having to make two trips around the airport because she is not there the first trip, we finally find her. She has just arrived the plane was late. Sigh. Ok, so Now we find out the service has been changed to 3:30, so it’s all good.

We head over to the church and get things setup. There turned out to be a lot more people than than we expected. My Mum’s church family turned out to support her. It was a thoughtful show of support. Also in attendance were my favorite Aunt from my Mum’s side, as well as my brother’s wife neither of who I was expecting, beside my favorite cuz.

The service was nice, some old pictures from the old days, some shared sentiments, some tears and laughter. A very good Pastoral message from the minister and a well received song from me. I was not as nervous as I thought I would be, the old musician kicked in and it went very smooth. The church organist, volunteered to play along with me, so that was a nice added touch. LZ was shocked to hear me sing, it was her first time. I had forgotten she seen me play before, but I never sang. She was pleasantly surprised she said, as were the other family members who I had forgotten I had never preformed in front of before.

So everything worked out well.  It was a fitting memorial service for my brother who was all about being the musician and artist. If his spirit was still around I’m sure he was pleased and can now RIP.




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4 02 2010
Romulus Burnett

My condolences, Zen.

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