Back to Do…3 of 6

6 02 2010

On Tues. before heading out to Sac to deal with family stuff, I went to practice at RSD. I had about one hour or so alone. I put on full dress to get me in the right state of mind. I did some video of things as I went through Tai Hai several times, three or four. I had a good comparison to work from. It was so so. Over all better I feel I added in some of the correction I was advised on from my elders.

My sempai arrived after a while and we chatted and practiced. It was a quiet session with just us there. After added in all my corrections and getting to my last shots, there was that quiet sense that happens. This day on my last round of shots, which had been sets of six.

I made three hits. I guess I am making some improvements…slowly. I just need to find that zone and lock into it from the beginning. The clock says I have 73 days to do so…Yosh.

It will be interesting to see how this all turns out ne! After I return from Japan Kyudo will need to scaled back. I will need to deal with seriously organizing to leave, with only close to 1.5 years left. Which means, Work, Japanese study, Sailing practice, boat maintenance, that kind of stuff. I would like to hit Minnesota next April for the next Kyudo seminar and then, the final one for me here in the states in Cal in 2010 before hitting the high seas. I think if I can hit Japan with a San-Dan it will be, I believe a good kick off for the new life and times. A good symbolic beginning of a new level of training, Not just for Kyudo , but for Ceramics, Music, Kung Fu, Life. Ganbatte Fuu kun…Yosh!




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