Kung Fu Kyudo Go Kung Fu

8 02 2010

Kung Fu Kyudo GO Kung Fu, it sounds funky, rolls off the tongue, very rhythmic when you say it, a cool beat… it was my day

Sat, was a long day for me. I was up at 6:30 to head over to Tai Chi class. I had spoke with a lady who said she was interested in coming by, she did not. I should have known better, but I figure, maybe this one is different (^_^). As my senior student was out of town there was only one in attendance. He got a private lesson, which he really needed. I am always surprised when I see how out of touch with their bodies some people are.

After class I headed almost direct to V-town for Kyudo. We where going to shoot 60 meters today. It is usually 30 min drive, today it took over an hour or more there was a major traffic problem plus some major clean up of a spill. Horrible wait time. The second this week for traveling that direction. Finally I past it and zipped out to the Boneyard. Senpai and I got things setup with some new adjustments he had made to the netting and target system, which turned out well. So we had at it.

I had the first two shots. Whoosh, the first one missed. I got my internal lazer targeting system set and BAM hit on the next shot. Whoohoo. Pretty much the whole day I got at least one hit out of every 2 shots. I avg about 50% for the day. My last shots I got two in a row. Whoa, if I can shoot like that in Nihon, I could make it through the first round of eliminations. That would be sweet and more than enough to send me home happy. We’ll see.

Next back home. I picked up LZ, we were off to the Alameda Library. There was a GO club meeting there. I wanted to learn some of the basics from some people who knew what they were doing. I had tried to play before but was not clear on the rules. After some hassle finding the group we where shocked to find it was mostly kids. I was going to stay anyway . There instructor was not very together in his delivery. I was able to get a very basic idea of the structure, before LZ pushed me to leave. She was not comfortable, so many kids, she could not understand the guy’s English, she was ready to leave. I was not pleased but allowed myself to be pushed out… but not happy camper. Anyway, now I’m back to finding a book, I did find out there are some on-line resources as well for games. I will go back to the meeting next month…alone.

I had a very short nap once home, then off to pickup Ling Sisook to head down to Campbell for Eng Sifu’s Chinese New Year Party with my classmates. On the way down, we run into another traffic Jam, not as bad as earlier. SiSuk called to say we were running late, do not wait. He said not that many people were there. I did not think so as yet, it was still early, most of the time they come 1 hour later than the start time. When we arrived there was a fair amount of people, with more coming in behind us. So it turned out to be a good crowd.  Campbell school, San Francisco, San Jose, Walnut Creek, and Alameda. It was nice to see everyone. Oh, I did not say the new school of Sifu’s in Placerville. I guess that should be included, as the guy running it was there. So that gave us a total of six school for the NY’s party.

Weird and kind of gross .. Ne!

There was a ton of food and drinks, some of which I would not touch.. Everyone had plenty, LZ was not there, so I took a lot home to her and still there was plenty for others to take home as well.  I did not get a great amount to eat, yet several different salads, some noodles, some veggie dish, dessert, wine, brandy was enough.

I was full enough, and getting sleepy. I was glad things started early so we were able visit, eat, visit chat, drink, and still head out around 9:30pm.  I was home by 10:30 perfect.  A good day of work, play and visiting family I was ready for bed kind of early @ 11:30.

Sunday was to be a long day of Kyudo training.




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