Practice and life @ the 68 days countdown

11 02 2010

I went to practice on Tues. I was even more set on improving since M3 destroyed my feel good from kicking butt on Enteki on Sat. with his page long correction. ” yeah, you can hit, but at your level they will be checking your Tai Hai more than your shooting ” Hai, Wakata!

(^_^) It’s ok of course, better to be realistic to the extreme for this type of undertaking. I had a while of solo practice. I think I am showing some improvement. Still a ways to go and it was not my best day. It happens like everyday is not sunny or …cloudy. It is those small things that are the hard stuff. Feet, bow tip, fingers, walk, turn, kneel…  Also not just the doing but the not doing, like the rests in music are as important as the notes. The Sung in Tai Chi is as important as the flow.


“Shatter heaven and earth
Shatter your ego
WIthin movement:
The wings of a phoenix” …Awa Keno

Awa Zeno is my new hero. I find his words like Lao Tzu reincarnated as a warrior. This is the mind of Zen, he did not need a paper or a robe to realize his enlightenment, his awakening. For him the arrow, rocked his world, and the bow twanged a lullaby, his spirit hummed the song of awakening. It is said in our Chan practice, everyone is already enlightened, everyone is already a Buddha, we just need to realized it, touch our true nature. Some need to sit to do that, others it may happen at sea, others at the sound of bird or the shot of an arrow. We touch the same source, walk the same path, but we walk different.


I’m pretty disappointed in things that I’m seeing with in the Renmai clan, just as disappointing as the Shibata clan. If I was a person of power, authority I’d kick them all to the curb. Such sad behavior, they are both as a group a disgrace to the way of the Bow they claim to cherish and honor so much. Not everyone, but enough of those in power that it leaves a bad taste when speaking of their transgressions and lack of organizational unity except to pull the wings off another. Being a good shot, does not make one a good person.

“Use the Bow to dispel all evil, within and without’…Awa Kenzo

Away that is another story…


The adventure to Nihon is shaping up well. LZ is planning my stay & travel. Money is still an issue, but I’m thinking I should get a bit back from taxes, and if need be I’ll hit up my retirement money.  I’ve sold a bunch of my brother’s stuff on ebay, that helped, plus some of my things are going as well. Perhaps even my motorcycle…snif. Yeah, I think it could be that important to go. It not all about Tokyo, we have some family things to attend to, as well as checking on some work venues, Kung Fu, Sailing Music. We have less than two years now to drop things in place. or perhaps I should say to put ourselves in a position for the Universe to drop things in place.

A lot of life is Timing, Perspective and Who you know, that will get you by.





One response

13 02 2010

Thank you for the video. Mindful movement and with a weapon – perfect. LIke dressage without the horse.

Reminded me to live my life like that – here and now.

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