The Zen clan visits Japan…

16 02 2010


No it’s not that time yet… and…as much as I want to go, I’m losing my confidence on the trip. However that is another story… this is about our trip to Japan-town in S.F. for Valentine/Chinese New Year

I was up early yet again today, it started off as another foggy day. LZ wanted to go to J-town for a magazine sale they were having. Being the good husband that I am, I passed on going to LA to visit my Chan Shifu and took her to S.F. Interestingly the toll taker on the Bay Bridge says to LZ you have a good husband, be sure to love him. He did say the same to me about her, but it said it about me first 🙂

Before we left I was getting a major ear full form M3 on how many corrections I need to do to my Tai Hai from to be ready for Japan, and not just fail right off the bat…sigh. Disheartening, That is yet another story.

This story is about our day trip to SF and could be called “the Problem of having a Japanese wife” or more exact. The problem of “Having a Japanese Wife Who Can Cook and Likes Good Food”. However that is too long a title. I’ll get to that shortly…

We head out to J-town, I’m told we need to be there by 11:30 or she will miss all the good books. I rush, We get there at 11:25 even with finding parking.

I put LZ in front of the bookstore, park and come back. She is calling me on the phone. Huh?? Why are you here? She says I was looking for you. Why are you not inside for the sale…

Come to find out she told me 11:30 but it is really 12:00 so she would not be late… (*_*)

Ok, no biggie, we hang out,  I check out a few stores, paper, incense, antiques…

LZ waits…

I check an Origami display, with some amazing stuff…

She waits…

Finally the mags are out…

I come back she is shopping then loads me down with the heavy mags while she looks for more…

The is another guy standing there doing the same, waiting for his woman. I say to him; guess we are the delegated shopping carts ne! He laughs as we share a male bonding moment.

Ok, done, now we look for a place to eat lunch, cheap but good. She has one place in mind, I’m not all for it so much. I say the place we usually go has another store on the other side of the mall. Someone told me was better…

She had her doubts and said who… An American? Hmmmmm, I do not recall; I reply.

Hmmmm she says, I do not think it will be so good and gives me the run down. Ok, we go there anyway…

Price is cheaper, I’m pleased there, …smaller place… she says not many Japanese. I think hmmm

We order what we generally get instead of something new, so we can compare. While we wait, I get the run down again about a branch store with the same name…

The food finally comes, she looks and says smaller portions, yup I agree.  The tuna cut does not look as good as the main place I notice. She comments on the look of the rice and the arrangement of the items in the my soup… It should be “this” way, not “that” way.

We taste… Ma ma. eatable, but not great. both dishes. My noodles not quite right. Her tempura, too oily, my soy bean cake, too sweet,  the rice, too hard, green tea weak. Sigh. it was disappointing.

So why is this a problem with having a Japanese wife. The reason is one learns what good Japanese food taste like, and get spoiled. One can tell the poorer taste right away, sometimes even just by looking…

One no longer can go to just anyplace and enjoy a good meal, the bar is raised, so you have to seek out quality food places. Of course you have to be grateful, in just being able to have food, but when you spend for it, going out, more so with limited money, you want it to be so good in taste it makes you cry. Not because you paid for something you could have made better at home.

So it was a two lesson day:

1. I need a lot more Tai Hai work

2. DO Not go to that restaurant again. Yosh!

Make that three lessons:

3. The main store is always best.

Ok, four… Make that four lessons:

4. Do not forget the Ichiban rule :  The wife is always right




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