Another day…Kyudo & Chan

26 02 2010


I’m ready for this exam thing to be done with. I want return to the fun , the simplicity of just shooting. Right now it is just getting to be work. I suppose in the sense of balance for all the ‘fun’ I had now the work is needed. I wonder if I can really ever go back to just the fun of it, now there will always be that challenge, the drive the quest of doing better, wanting more. Like Sex, Drugs and Rock -n- Roll. 🙂

I went to RSD to practice today. I got some feedback from my Sempai. Some things that I had changed to be more like what I have seen others do… I was told were not as good as my old way of doing. Eg: the balancing on the balls of the foot and leaning into the Bow. He thought it looked unbalance. Well, yeah, it feels off balance also. I shot both ways for comparison. My old way, balance like doing Kung Fu, balanced like in a natural state, looked better, I shot better, it felt better. Sigh. perhaps I went too extreme in my adjustment to the Kyudo way. Shoulders still need work, not only with dropping but in remembering to line up, maintain the crosses.

I am lifting the bow, instead of letting the Yumi raise from the Tan Tien, with the Spirit. Same thing I tell my Tai Chi students on doing the opening of Tai Chi with their hands, which is the same movement as Ochikoshi. I am so focused on raising the right hand more than the left so the Yumi can be even when fully up, I am losing the practice and the principals of lift and balance…sigh

I shot ( hit) better today, but I was not there about the hits. Anyway 47 days more to find harmony between, among all things.

In Chan practice tonight we read, studied from the teachings of Bodhidharma ( Ta Mo in Chinese).  He is the 1st Patriarch of Shaolin Chan) he says:

“To enter the Great Way ( DO) there are many paths but essentially they are of two means: by Principle and by Practice.”

Kyu- Do; I feel like I have the principle to Kyudo. I understand the theory of the shot, how it all works with my mind. However I am lacking the Practice understanding. I can walk the Great Way, the Do with my mind, but not with my body, so therefore my spirit is in limbo, until I can unite them, no Sanmi-ittai is possible. Which means when I shoot there is no Shin Zen Bi. This is the true goal in Kyudo as with Chan…Zen Kyudo




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26 02 2010

You are probably stressing out way too much about the exam (though, nearly everyone does). You can’t actually fail the first one. You have to have to know taihai and have a clean, straight release to get shodan (and probably having good energy helps), but you certainly don’t have to hit the target. At worst, you get a kyuu-rank– I’ve never heard of anyone not getting awarded any rank. Anyway, it’s not about ranking, it’s about the experience of test taking. Better yet, it’s experience of getting to train for 3 days with kyudo masters — how many beginners in other sports get direct hands on training with masters of their sports? So, enjoy yourself, relax, and do your best.

26 02 2010

HAHaaha, Thanks Mystery Kyudoka, I know I am trippn ( stressing) too much. 🙂
I have been told it is more about knowing Tai Hai than hitting. However for the effort doing of this trip I want to do not just well, but very well. As I was told by my Semapi, it is not just me going to train and test, my clan, family, friends go with me.

Also if I do not keep in my mind to do the best, I may slack off, if I think it is just another test. So yeah, I know in my mind it is about the journey not he destination but I still need to ganbatte. Also I do not want the Markster to say ” see I told you, you were not ready” 🙂

…Also I’d have nothing to post about for my 5 readers to follow in suspense. LoL 🙂

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