EcoFlag: Zen, Martial Arts, Enviroment & the GSA

26 02 2010

I have stated in many other posts about Zen’s philosophy about interdependence of all things and life. In case you have been undersea or on the moon all this time briefly it goes. There is no duality, we are all dependent on everything else in this world somewhere down the line we need everything to survive. All life is connected, even non-life rocks, etc. There is the Chinese 5 elements of nature dependents. The more we destroy other species the closer we come to destroying ourselves. This includes the earth itself, it is alive, and we who are suppose to be the caretakers burn, pollute, gas it continually. Yet we depend on it to recover and sustain us with little or no care to it’ s needs.

Climate change is heavy upon us, yet some make light of it, or deny it all together, even in the face of facts. The waters we depend on for food, drinking, fun…life are daily used as dumping grounds for our waste. This same waste ends up in our food, and bodies and those of our family and friends.

For those who follow the path of Buddhism and vow help to ease suffering of beings, part of that elimination of suffering is doing your part to ease the suffering from pollution. Reuse, recycle, reduce. Those of the Christians, Muslims, Jewish path we are our brother’s keeper, God made everything. Showing respect and gratitude is not dumping waste into the waters, side of the road, etc… reduce, recycle, reuse. No matter what your faith or lack of it, the cold facts are the earth our only home, we are connected to it’s health. The earth health is our health, it’s sickness is our sickness. SAve the world, Save ourselves. There is no duality, this is the mind of Zen.

Those who have followed this blog know that since it’s birth I have slowly been working on sailing from San Francisco  to Osaka. During the course of this Sail I will be flying the EcoFlag with hopes that the journey will bring some attention to our need for thoughts and action on oneness with the world. We ARE the world.Reuse, Reduce and recycle. As much as possible of the refit of s/v Zen will be reused, recylced items. As a 1967 built boat s/v Zen herself qualifies as Reused, and Recycled.

As team Captain for my local GSA/ Ecoflag chapter I have been in touch with our USA leadership to help promote this effort. There is currently a book out called Champions for Change , this is about other athletes who did their share of bring the public awareness to our planet’s need for care. The Global Sports Alliance is there for all peoples all athletes to help spread the word of Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Sailors, Martial Artists, Kyudoka, Tennis players, all.  The Global Sports Alliance USA (GSA USA) is a coalition of athletes and sports fans working together for environmental awareness and action.

For those who sail, even flying the EcoFlag for others to see your support is something to help. When someone asks what is that?

Whip out a brochure for them to read, tell them you support Reduce, Reuse, Recycling. Then do not just show it, do it. Carry your trash away, use recylced products, do not dump stuff into the water, reduce your use of small plastic bottles, use biodegradable soaps and products. Help the world , help yourself.

Martial Artist, put the flag on your bag, sew it on your sleeve, fly it at your events. Show your support, educate. We martial artist are about protection of the weak, doing the right thing, The earth needs our protection now more than ever. This is a fight worth the effort.

Visit our website for more information on how to get involved:

Sign up to be an ecoplayer and recieve our monthly newsletter:

You can also help to support this non-profit organization by donating at the following site:

visit us on Facebook:


Here are some ways you can help today:

*    Become a GSA USA Corporate Sponsor for as little as $20 per month – your company
will receive regular mention as a GSA USA Sponsor.

*     Become a GSA USA Individual Sponsor for as little as $20 per year.

*     Purchase a copy of our new book Champions for Change.

*     Become a GSA USA volunteer.




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