Tai Chi – Kyudo: Back on Track

1 03 2010

I have noticed that when I write about Kyudo my reader hits go up. From about 2 or 3 to 5 or 6 kidding but it is something like that. I wonder if it is Japan related or just Kyudo folks wanting to read Kyudo stuff. It is small bean here in the states. No matter. Whatever…I guess I will tell after the Japan trip and life has settled down to concern about money, and how we will survive, if we have to move, etc since the idiot in Washington does not want to give us unemployed a break with another extension. Yeah, he has a job, SOB, but he should not, and yet I do not hear about the preachers praying for him to die! What a a bunch of nimrods!

Ok, I digress…

*large breath*  I was able to sell enough of my late brother’s estate and some things I had no need of in order to finance the Tokyo trip, Yay! So at least we are not going further in the hole for that. The Osaka part is needed for family affairs so that has to be done as well as for our move in two years!! right around the corner.

ok ok, back to Kyudo that is what you came for right…

I had class with Sensei today. To be truthful I was not into it today. I got hit with depression yesterday and just wanted to sleep. Not that that would help any thing, but the bed felt really really nice. Anyway, I got myself up, did my meditation and out of the house.

I planned on going morning service at the Alameda temple first thing. I figured it my help my mindset some and I wanted to get a picture of Rev Sensei and I with him in his robes for an article I am writing to send to Japan and for Black Tokyo.com. However I got there, but the temple was closed. No service this day, at least not there, sometimes they have a meet-up somewhere else. That must have been what happened. Ok, so back home and off to Kyudo.

Once at Sensei’s I was told we were going out to the range. This was good news and bad. Bad news because I knew it was going to be Muddy and it was. I was not pleased, but the weather was nice. However I managed to avoid getting to messed up. In fact I made out pretty well. Sensei not so much.

It was a short session ( yay) at the park we both shot 6 arrows, we both made three hits, we both got 1 bulls eye. What was kind of funny about this was, he said just before we started shooting. There is only about 6 more weeks before Tokyo. You can look good in front of the Makiwara but I want to be sure you can at least make the distance clearly on a 28 meter shot…otherwise it is not worth much…I laughed to myself. 🙂

Next we went to the other dojo site at Moffett field to work on Tai Hai. This part I was more into. There are three of us. One is a Ieido Sensei who does not act like he wants to speak, and does not, so I do not also. I did once and he said nothing…however he saw me practicing the kneeing turn and offered me some help. I’m trying not to judge him. He is different…anyway Sensei and Myself at the other location. Nice small class.

We did some Makiwara and then took turns being the lead person in doing Tai Hai. Sensei explained some parts we were not getting on the breathing. That helped clear things for me a lot. it also helped with the group timing. Nice! I’m feeling better about it…

On the way back to his house to unload I hit him up with some questions about balance and the stance in Kai. The leaning vs upright and some other misc thing. Well come to find out, I was right in the beginning with all the principals I thought were the same in Tai Chi and Kyudo as far as Balance, Tan Tien, weight, expanding, standing, where right ! The whole thing about balls of the foot and leaning, is not way wrong , just somewhat wrong. Wrong for me and the extremes I was going with yes. It comes down to he said, what works for you, if you are already in touch with grounding, centering, balancing, that is what you should use if it is properly done. Cool! Back to internal cross training, Tai Chi Kyudo in the house baby!