Shen Shing Li

5 03 2010

The working of the TAO…

Wow, sometimes things just pop out at me that are like weird. Not weird crazy,  just weird, hmmmmm. Since it seems like I have a post a day this week I’m dropping this one in , just so not to break the flow 🙂

So I have been posting the last couple of posts about Sanmai-ittai. Linking Physical, Mental and Spiritual, In Kyudo, Kung Fu, Chan and the Universe. How all that makes wholeness, completion. So last night was Chan practice. We, my Chan Sisters and I after meditation are talking about the new session that will be starting. Tonight session is small it is just us. We are making plans on what to do, the best way to promote the class, the format of the new class and what will be covered. Getting new students to join and what will be of interest to them. Not only to join but to stay. How can we make it something, whole they can see, and understand. Doing just the sitting and meditation does not work, they do not get it. They would be interested in the discussion, but having the discussions without doing, understanding the sitting meditation will not do it, it is not balanced…

Sister #1 says, I can do the lecture part I can handle that, Blah blah. Sister #1 has been doing Chan practice for a long time she is wise with the context of the Shifu’s teachings. She says to Sister #2 you are so good at doing the research can you handle the formatting, advertising, write-ups, etc? Sister #2 is working on her PhD, or she has her PhD and is working on her something else. Anyway , she says sure, yes, no problem. I can blah blah blah. Then there is more talk and sister #1 says, we will be marketing this as Shaolin Chan, since that is our roots, where Bodhidharma taught, as such can you “brother Zen” do the Tai Chi, motion Chan part?  I say yes of course. While I am listening to this unfold, it hits me, Sanmai-ittai! I tell them about it when I am asked what do I think about the plan. Sister #2 says, wow, yes I see it, and points to each one of us in our roles, the same way I was thinking of it. We laugh at the Chan moment. I ask what is Chinese for Sanmai-ittai, Shen Shing Li.




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