Chan/Taiji/Kyudo…Sanmai-ittai revisted.

6 03 2010

Star date 03-05-2010 Planet Earth…

I decided to revisit my practice from the other day. However this time from a different mind set…

When I teach Tai Chi class, we do stretching, then Chi Gong, then 5 -10 min of sitting meditation, then Tai Chi walk, then the form. I do not look at it as separate things, which they are, just one thing that lays the foundation for the next level. The same with the Shaolin/Mantis class. Stretching, Chi Gong, Zhan Zhung ( because we are outside), Tai Chi, then Basic drills, etc… again not separate things, just foundation for the next phase of training, the next level.

I decided to run my today’s practice also as such. Not as an experiment of pieces, but as a whole unit like the other classes. I had RSD to myself today, not even the employees came around. No rain, but there was still a certain peacefulness. I started with some Stretches and motion Chan to warm up for sitting. Then I did sitting Chan ( Zazen) for 10-15 min. Today without a lot of thought about what I am feeling and taking that into Tai Chi. I  just did Tai Chi, with some extra thought to my breathing. Slow and deep breathes. I have not been feeling like I’m doing death enough breaths with Kyudo and that was also mentioned to me by the Sensei in LA when watching my video.

Lastly I went into Renmei Tai Hai. Again with out a lot of thought on what I was gong to do, other than breathe deeper, stand taller, body alignment. I think the whole thing went pretty well. I felt comfortable throughout. I did found lot that I shoot better with Aluminum Ya than Bamboo. I also figured out why afterward. The Aluminum one are lighter, they bend with less pressure. I can see them bend so I lighten my hand, my grip. Therefore the release is smoother and they fly straighter. The bamboo is thicker, I can tell when I am holding it way too tight but not a little too tight. I’m learning little by little. Practice makes a Sho-Dan ( new mantra)…yosh.

I think there is improvement, still needs some polish…what do you think?

ok, a few day break from blogdom, at least here, maybe I will go sailing tomorrow, whoot. At least spend some time down on the boat. Change the oil, study Japanese. I’ll do that a lot next week  instead of blogging, I’ll practice and study maybe sail.

Mata ne!