And now for something completly different…Friends

10 03 2010

I’m breaking from blogging about Kyudo and MA stuff this week…

LZ and I have few friends, even fewer come to visit, non of them live close by. I would guess half are mixed couples using both hands to count. When we lived at our condo we were there for some five years and never really had hang out friends there. We knew one couple and a couple of other folks, but none that we hung out with.

A couple of months ago I was doing one of my rare trips through the lobby of our apt and using the elevator not the stairs, I heard two women speaking in non-English. As is my habit I try to figure out what it is. At first I thought oh Korean, but the it clicked, Japanese. Wow shock. I did not know there were Japanese in our building. I excused myself and asked to be sure Nihon jin desuka? Hai was the reply. We spoke a bit, then I said so long. I told LZ, there are Japanese in the building. WHAT she said, I told her the story, she started getting dressed to go meet them. I told her what apt and left to go out. I ran into one of the ladies again on the lift. I said my wife is coming down to meet you. OK she said, apt # blah blah.

The next week her and LZ went for a 3 hour walk, talking talking talking. They have weekly visits now over the last month or so. They are buds. LZ invited her and her husband who is from Canada over for dinner last night to celebrate her, the bud’s birthday. LZ made a sushi bowl and put birthday candles on it.

They were like school girls chatting. The hubby is nice, more quiet than me, which is different.  The wife says he is shy, yeah I can see that. Seems like a nice enough guy.

Dinner went well, LZ did her outstanding kitchen thing with some wine and champagne it was a pleasant evening. LZ made Green tea mousse for dessert.

Next week, we are going to watch the bud do her Taiko drum lesson. It is rare to find friends in the same building. LZ says it is a sign we should not move to a cheaper place this year. Seems like with the new extension on the EDD benefits and no rent increase ( yokatta) even though our lease is up, we can still hang in there. The Great Spirit is with us.