Renseikan Kyudojo – 1st Sunday, San Gatsu

15 03 2010

I have been in this weird state of Funkiness for several days not getting things done like I should or could. Anyway, I’m back from the Blood test, it went easy, the woman was good and fast. Yay! I walked home from the clinic and ate. I feel better.

Sat I was suppose to go to RSD and practice. I did not, I was feeling something strange, I figured I would not push it since I did not have to. That is usually the best if one does not have to when having those feelings. There could have been an accident waiting for me or something. Or I did not feel like being around the chi that was going to be there on Sat. and not a solo practice. Whatever, I stayed home, and did some mini practice on Tai Hai in the living room.

Sunday was my class with Renseikan Kyudojo. I decided to go in late so that I could attend temple service in the a.m. Partly because I wanted to get a picture with Rev Sensei and I in his robes for the article I am writing for Japan. However that did not work out. Sensei said ok, but when I whipped out the camera after the service he said, not just now. I could have waited around for him to get un-busy and just had tea and cake with the temple members, but, I had a class to go to. So no picture, oh well. Not meant to be. The sermon was good.

So off I went to Kyudo practice. We went to the park range on Sunday. The weather was good, the ground was still muddy from the rain this past week. It was nice to be outside, however I was still unsettled and could not find my groove. I made a couple of center hits, but most were off. Sensei said I was not drawing as well as he has seen me. Yeah, I could feel it. Standing in the mud, uneven ground, trying not to slide, wearing sunglasses, all may have had some bearing on things. I recalled the saying about each shot reflecting how one’s spirit is or their state of mind. Mine were off. Not that I was shooting wild but I was not shooting well… I was not one with the force/Yumi. Some days are like that.

Spent a couple of hours there then went off to the Makiwara Dojo. Today Sensei had us do something new . I do not recall what the name of it is. He said doing this would cover all the movements in Kihontai, except chair sitting I believe. Anyway, Standing turns, walking turns, Rei and Yu bows from kneeling, Hirakiashi both right and left. Also we worked on Tournament timing shooting, so that I could have some exposure before Tokyo. I only did this once before in LA. It was difficult, do the action, but keeping up and picking up the Ya. That was tricky. I felt like I needed to be Speed Racer, but anyway I needed the practice.

I have gotten a few comments on my Tai Hai these days. it has been helpful. A couple have said I am ready for Japan. Yay! It is helpful to have feedback from different sources. However it can be confusing when different people tell you different things on the same movement . Eg: do not stop the gaze at the Ya tip, do stop the gaze, Do not touch the Yumi tip until your knees touch, DO touch the Yumi tip before the knees. Anyway the over all consensus is I am improving and should be ok, with testing. I have a few more weeks to smooth out some spots before I go under the knife. On the other hand, Sensei said my Dai-San has improved, but he never said it needed work, others did. Anyway time creeps on. The days are down to the twenties now. creep creep and then speed up, and bam it will be over!  Sugoi,  Then training for next year..Sho-dan, Ni-dan ???

Today I am doing the living room Tai Hai again and also preparing a couple of  spare bow strings to carry. I found out I need to have them fully ready before. Good thing I asked. I also found out yesterday I will have one classmate from my dojo there also testing in Tokyo. That will be kind of nice, we can support each other. Go Team Renseikan 🙂

On another note. A new section Tai Chi class starts tonight with P&R dept, also I will be having a Shaolin class there on Weds as well as Monday Tai Chi. The good part is we will be out of the cold , wind, and rain during the less than perfect nights. On the other hand, I will have to report the little bit of extra money I did receive ( but no more) from teaching in the open park because students do not pay me, they sign up via the P&R dept. then I get paid. Oh well ne! everything is a trade off.


Funky Monday

15 03 2010

I’m in a funk today. Not the kind like P-Funk, Funkadelic, Graham Central Station, Bootsie,  the kind that is depressed. I’m not sure why, maybe my Jury Duty call tomorrow, maybe my blood test, today, I hate needles and I have to fast, maybe because after several months of teaching for the Park and Rec Dept I’m finally getting paid sometime soon, but I have to report that little bit of money and EDD will subtract it from check. You can never make ends meet or even see the ends on EDD. Sigh. Maybe it is because still no job prospects…

However I have gratitude we are still hanging in there, roof over our heads, food to eat, a warm bed at night, companionship.

I went to temple yesterday Rev Sensei sermon was on gratitude. He told the story of how this man went on a trip to Japan with a group of people. He always made up his futon very tidy and folded it up. Someone asked him what was his daily practice that got him into this. He said he had none. He did tell the story of how his mother told him when is was very young, about being grateful. Every night his blanket keep him warm and cozy, this gave him a restful night. She said that when he awoke in the morning he should be grateful to the blanket for keeping him warm and cozy all night, Say Arigato to the blanket. He kept that with him all his life and everyday says Arigato. Part of that arigato is folding up his sleeping bed very neat. Rev Sensei say we should have that sense of Arigato with everything , because we are all interconnected. Gratitude is not about religion, or sects, it is about the heart

Even in my depressed funkness, I need to be grateful. I do not live in Chile, or Haiti or some other homeless state of being.

Arigato Kami Sama!

I notice a big drop in reader hits since no posts about Kyudo this past week. Sugoi I guess most of the readers are all about Kyudo. There is the saying that Kyudo is life. However Life is not all Kyudo. Well I guess it could be depends on how you look at things. If you see Kyudp as only shooting, or as an expression of life …you get the idea…