Long and winding …day

17 03 2010

In the beginning …

I started off early going to Hayward which is about 30 min drive, to report for Jury selection. YUK!!  Unpleasant duty., more unpleasant since, there is a superior court right down the block from me. Why did I have to go to Hayward. Jheez! I was picked to be checked out for a two week civil trial, YUK!! OK, so there is a pre-question form to fill out. I tried to answer as undesirable as I could figure. I have to go back on Thursday to see if I succeeded in getting by-passed. I can only hope. If the trial was for a couple of days it would not be so bad, but two weeks YUK!! plus the drive! YUK!

I was out of there by 12:30 yay!! After a bit of reading I crashed big time, I was drained.

Next on the play for the day was Dharma Karate at the temple. I was a couple of minutes behind, as I was coming up Rev Sensei asked me to start the class, he was not dressed yet. After we got things setup in the room, I ran the group through some warm-up stuff, thinking Sensei was going to take over. He took one new student and asked me to deal with the rest. I’m thinking he likes working with a small group or wants me to feel needed. I ran my lot through some drills, Different from what they are use to. I made them do kicks, slowly, working their balance and form. In some ways I am harder on them than Sensei, in other ways he is I noticed. I guess we make a good team.

Next up I go home for a quick bite with LZ as we wait for our neighbors to go to Taiko class. LZ’s new bud takes Taiko and invited us to come watch. It was pretty cool. I got to take some pictures under different conditions.

Three of the five people there came over and spoke to me about pictures. The main guy came over to tell me how to take pictures and what timing to take them. He was, I’m thinking trying to be helpful, but in a way it was kind of weird for him to assume I did not know what I was doing or even ask. No matter I took his advise in a positive way.

Only saying, yes it is difficult to get pictures of Taiko, it helps being a musician , who does Kung Fu and takes photos, to get the timing…and smiled.

LZ gave the drums it a little shot and liked it. It would be a good stress release and exercise  for her. Too bad the beginners class already started. I know she would like to join the class with her Bud but she is already in her third session.

Anyway the day ended better than it started. Tomorrow I will get some Kyudo practice in…26 days…if I was counting.




4 responses

18 03 2010

I tried to inflate balg pipes once. It as like trying to blow up a pillow. It nearly killed me.

18 03 2010

Taiko looks like quite a workout!

23 03 2010

fantastic pictures.

23 03 2010

Thanks for dropping by Taru. It is always interesting to see what people show up and leave a comment. I’m surprised you are here and not my sailing blog. I tracked your’s and will be following your trip. Fair winds.

Merci beaucoups pour le commentaire!

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