Got my Mojo working…

18 03 2010

I have gotten a routine that works for me when I am able to do solo practice. Meditation, Tai Chi , Kyudo. That format feels comfortable. The Meditation takes me inward, distanced from the drive, the traffic, the misc mental stuff that is going on and starts the chi flow. The Tai Chi , gets the body in harmony with the chi and movement. Working the joints and muscles. Then Kyudo. Starting with Tai Hai, 4 sets, which gives me 8 shots. Next Standing for another 4 sets. Then a short break maybe 5 min, then finishing off with 2 sets of Tai Hai again.This puts me at a total of 20 shots. When doing the Tai Hai I put more mind into the Tai Hai and less concern on hitting. Standing is more on hitting and the shooting form. I think that gives me a good balance. Tai Hai is the more important right now…at my level. The kneeling turn and the active knee is still the hardest part.

After Practice today I gathered up some fresh firewood. The place we have the dojo does woodwork and dump all the waste, which makes great firewood. Hard , burns hot n slow and is FREE!  One container is a good 4 – 5 hours of a nice fire. Did I mention it was FREE. Hmmm I just had an idea about selling some of this, but spring is here now…doh!

I’m hoping LZ and I can have a nice fire tomorrow , a Chu Hai drink , a game of Mahjong with our neighbors or  a game of GO for us to celebrate my getting out of jury duty…Even if not, oh well, the other stuff still sounds fun.

My new Shaolin Class for the Park and Rec Dept on the island started tonight. I was pleasantly surprised to find there were more than I expected signed up. I thought there was only going to be one for the Kung fu and two Tai Chi students signed up as filler, but I was wrong, there were new 8 students there to learn Shaolin/Mantis.Very Cool! I hope at least half of them stick with it. This is the most studetnts I have had in a long time.




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