14 days…

31 03 2010

This time two weeks from now I will be in Japan again or at least flying towards it. Wow, it has been a couple of years since my last visit. I’m looking forward to it. Seeing the family will be nice. I hope the weather will be good! Last time it was cold. This is the latest in the year I have gone, I will have missed the Sakura, they will be gone, bummer. Hopefully all the chill as well, I will miss.

In addition to handling family business, and Kyudo I have a couple of Jam session tentatively arranged. One in Tokyo with a working Musician, one in Kobe and one club sit-in in Osaka. Sweet! Now if I could get a sail in while there, that would be perfect. Well , that and having some money to spend, I have the time this trip , but not the money. 😦

As for Kyudo, I’m feeling comfortable with the Tai Hai. I still have a couple of chances to correct a few of the spots that are not up to what I want, but not bad enough to cause a problem. I will have three days of seminar to practice Tai Hai before the test as well as being viewed by the Hanshi in Osaka before I even go to Tokyo, so I think I will be ok.

I am not feeling as comfortable with the Tournament timing, that is going to need some work, and I would like to be able to shoot better. However that is not a high priorty like passing the test is. The Tourney is just icing on the Kyudo cake. Also since I do not expect to get past the first round, it does not matter, it is just for fun.

I’m a little bummed today and perhaps a little sick. I feel out of sorts so not much of a post. Some good new$ would help.