@ the 10th day…

4 04 2010

I had planned on  spending Fri/Sat/Sun in practice. However …I had a job interview on Fri…A graphic job! It’s been a awhile for that. I’ll say no more of that for now, least I digress. So that blew Friday because of the timing and length.
Today is Sat, Today for sure practice. It was a on the cool side kind of day, well really more chilly than cool.

It is still chilly at night after warming up a bit today. I’m kickn it warm n grateful in front of this fireplace

…with the free wood, Whoot!) ok , I digress for real here…

I headed out to RSD this afternoon.

The day was quiet, ( and chilly , do not forget chilly) I had brought along a sandwich I made and hot green tea. As it was lunch time, I took my midday meal then. a relaxed  and just ate and did some pondering on this N that… the road to here. I did not do the Chan Ding/Tai Chi warm-up today. I knew I would not be alone, the “General” was coming. So I just had at it shooting, when I heard him pull up…sigh

I had been getting into shooting alone and doing , my 3D practice. Today I’m suppose to practice with the General, Tai Hai, and tournament timing. Every practice is worth it. We did about 6 sets of that. I received several corrections on things…I’m grateful for those. My biggest mind correction was me on me. Remembering I need corrections, especially the small points, no matter where they came from, or who. With the latest round of “things” done by him and on top of another incident, the General is not my favorite person. Yet he has done only one minor thing to me, however all that puts me off with him. He has good points, just no social skills, so I am casually distance with him, let say room temperature and he is my Senpai, by some 7 or 8 yrs so I respect that and listen to his corrections. Yet my mind still need to return to center when hearing him.

We are going through Tai Hai several times. Some of which he was telling me his latest Renmai conspiracy, political plot theories. I listen quietly, sometimes, like with Sensei’s corny jokes at times. Toward the end of my 3 hours or so, We where going back to independent shooting. Yet before that happen while I was taking a break pondering where to call it a day, I got another earful of more Renmei Conspiracy talk, which may  or maybe be true. I can be very naive about some things. Also an attempt at being grilled about why I was not going to practice with Sensei on Easter Sunday, when it was clear I did not want to go into it. So I had to check him!  Anyway, I decided I was done for the day.

So I came away with several things today, besides this post, I’m thinking maybe I should test with my aluminum Ya. Next week I need to shoot only with my go to Japan arrows, then decide.

All practice days are good, some are just better than others.