@ the 9th day…

5 04 2010

Today was a great day for Kyudo… Indoors !

I spent the morning with LZ, after morning Chan-Ding, and breakfast, listening to a DVD of the Renmei seminar from last year. The Sensei’s had interesting things to say. It was great to hear that day. One of the things they spoke or more correctly one Sensei was trying to speak on Zen and Kyudo , but was having trouble with the correct words. The statements, the mind, the thoughts are not something in many cases can not be translated by just the words. So it was a problem not only for the Sensei to find non-complex words but for the translator to take even those into English and convey the idea correctly. One of the things said, but missed from the translation, was all the Japanese art’s like the Tea, Flower arranging, Sword, Karate, etc had influence from Zen, the Zen mind, but, Kyudo had the largest influence from Zen. Maybe I’ll say more on this later…

That was the morning, The afternoon, LZ went to work , I went to practice. I had other plans for this weekend, but they changed. So I was to have a practice on my own. The clouds of gray , turned to clouds of serious rain as I made my way to the Kyudojo. Serious rain! So I took my time traveling as I had no time table.

Even though my other Senpai was there first, I was the first to setup. It was good to see him,  we share space well and can have a peaceful shoot.

I was not there for Tai Hai today. I wanted to explore the Ya that were going with me to Japan. Today’s shooting was about finding harmony with the new Ya, the “onesness” these will be the ones I test and compete with so I needed to get comfortable with them.  They shoot different from the other training set I have been using.

Even though I was there about feeling the Ya, I also but some effort into centering , and expanding. Not pushing or pulling the shot, but “expanding my universe” toward the target. This was said on the DVD.

As it was late in the afternoon, both Senpai and I thought about the approaching darkness since we have no elec in the Dojo. All natural lighting. We both had auxiliary lighting, flashlights and candles.

Shooting the growing darkness gave a new perspective on the Hikiwake, Kai and Hanare. It was fun to shoot in that light. It took be a bit to work out the bugs with the new arrows and the darkness. After I got a feel for things, I made my goal for the night, 4 shots, 4 hits and I’d call it a night, at least 3 out of 4 I’d be satisfied for the day.

It was a much better day to day. The rain on the roof was nice I sat and enjoyed it for a while with Tea and the heater before I left.

I figured out, why it annoyed me so much with the general the other day. Now that I see how he is more personality wise, and how he views and adds on  his touch/idea/beliefs which are generally based on no facts. It makes me question his statements on anything. When you lose respect for a persons word on one thing, everything is at question. Our word is all we really own, if one can not respect that, it is hard to respect the person. It is additionally hard to respect someone, who respects no one. The Tao Te Ching says something about, “he who can not trust, cannot be trusted“. I think that goes for respect as well.

He who can not give respect

Cannot be respected…Zen