Winding down, the gearing up… Tokyo 2010

9 04 2010

Three or four more days, depending on how one counts. It’s getting really real now! I went out to RSD to practice yesterday and the day before. Today I’m on a break sort of. I will practice Tai Hai in the Apt an do reading on Kyuhon.

My last couple of days of shooting have not been all that good. Not what I was hoping for by this time. Trying too hard perhaps:

When an archer is shooting for nothing he has all his skill.

If he shoots for a brass buckle he is already nervous.

If he shoots for a prize of gold he goes blind

or sees two targets

– he is out of his mind!

His skill has not changed. But the prize divides him. He cares.

He thinks more of winning than of shooting and the need to win

drains him of power.

Yeah, I’ve been like that this week. So today I’m on a retreat. Some Chan-ding( Zazen), A bike ride down to the Marina to work on s/v Zen, some misc errands, that kind of thing no shooting.  Sat I will practice, Sunday I will go see Sensei.

Even though my shooting has not been so hot, I am feeling comfortable with Tai Hai. I feel I can pull that off. My Tai Chi training will help sensing when others are moving and I know the pattern. So it is just a matter of doing it. I am far less comfortable with the tournament timing. However that is of less concern that the test. The test is Serious, the tournament is just for fun.

I have had people speak to me from my sailing blog, I’m guessing between here and Facebook, more people will recognize me , than I them. I am looking forward to meeting a few people I’ve spoken with on Facebook who will be at the event from France, Mexico, Germany, the East Coast. Of course I may get this : Oh, you are the *^&%$ guy that was talking smack about the Renemi! hehehe, yeah it could happen 🙂  Oh well.

I will have internet access from my hotel room so pix will be here and Facebook.

I have not heard anything from the job hunt, 😦

I’ll try not to think about it and get bummed until the last day of the Nihon adventure. 🙂 No use spoiling it by living outside the moment. Anyway I’ll just have to trust my connection with the Force to continue our shelter in the storm. ne!

Unless something worthwhile happens…next post from Nihon…Yosh!!!!

Mata ne!




3 responses

10 04 2010
Rick Matz

More zazen will fix the shooting.

11 04 2010

Gambatte ne! Breathing in, breathing out. The center is there.

12 04 2010

Yup, both good advice!

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