Ok, I get it…Kyudo lift off

12 04 2010

We’re out of here soon…so this is the lift off post…

First off my apologizes for the un-thoughtout commits the other day. My bad!

For all my talk of non-duality, interdependence, is there a word interconnectivty ?  As in our interconnectivity… I did not look deep enough before expressing my thoughts. Ok, I get it, another lesson on my practice needs and karmic bounce back/around of negative words and actions. My shameful bad!

Is there a word interconnectivty ?

Zen and Kyudo, the problem, Ok, I think, I get that now also. I heard over the last couple  of days about Zen as religion, and Kyudo. Kind of like the separation of Church and State thing. I guess a lot of people view “Zen” as a religion. I do not, but some…many do. So I found it so confusing what was the big deal about Zen and Kyudo and peoples different perspectives on it. Proper training is proper training. The arrow does not care. I guess in some cases, Zen is viewed as a religion and the mixing of the two is a blending of the church /state thing. So some want to keep  the religion aspects of how they view “Zen” out of the mix. Ok, I get it, I think. Of course given as complex as we humans are, there is most likely more to it than that…maybe. Anyway just my opinion.

Another surpising thing, from my stats I guess I have a lot more readers of this blog than I thought. Not just the 4 or so from a few years ago. So, Ok I get it. I need to be more responsible when “thinking out loud” …I hate it when I screw up.  So this is to me, in writing as well as speaking :

Before you speak, ask yourself: Is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence? …Shirdi Sai Baba

I think this is easier to follow when speaking, because then you can just be quiet which is natural.  However when one is writing, you are not suppose to be quiet or the page is blank. So when you get the mind flow on , it just all “flows” good bad and ugly. I guess I will not be getting my I’m perfect card anytime soon, drat!… Ok, I get it. 🙂

I received some correction on my right hand Tanuchi, from a couple of sources. My fingering was off, so my release was not a smooth. So all the pieces need to work together correctly to get the arrow to fly straight, not just the aim. Not only the right hand, the right arm, not just the right arm but the left arm as well…etc etc.  Ok, I get it…There is also a bigger lesson in there…which I also get.

I will need to go to LA when I return from Japan to pickup my bothers ashes, my last planned trip got canceled at the 11th hour. This is turning in to a complex matter,  dealing with government is not simple… I really get it!

mata ne!

next stop Osaka




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12 04 2010

Truly, none of us are perfect. Bon Voyage! And be sure to keep us posted…

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