Nihon Chronicles 2010 …Day 1 Sakura

17 04 2010

Day 1, Suita City, Osaka.

LZ and I were up at 6:00 am. I went out for a walk because I had seen the day before there were still some Sakura out, so I walked over to the park to do some viewing and pictures. I got there just in time to see the folks from before still doing Tai Chi, so I joined them.

They were surprised to have me join in out of the blue, and said I was good afterwards. I smiled and said arigato. Then I spoke with the leader and she remembered me from a couple of years ago. While walking around afterward a groundskeeper, also said I was good and the group was there everyday. So a note here I got no weirdness as being and outsider from anyone. Of course they are use to foreigners in this area of Suita City. There is a foreign center in the area so maybe this is why no one even blinks an eye at me. I speak they speak, I bow, they bow. Ohaiyo gozaimasu…

I walked through the park afterwards and took in what was left of the Sakura Hana, there was not a lot left but I got to see what it would have been like with them in full bloom. I also took in some colorful tulips. beautiful.

This park is one of the major Sakura viewing sites in the area. Speaking of Sakura We had breakfast after my walk, from the kitchen table I had Sakura viewing, nice!

Even now as I write this, I am in the Tatami family room, I can see the top of the Sakura trees outside the window, were the flowers are still fresh. Ah really feels like Nihon!

Honto! One other slight bummer is, it is COLD. It is all over the news how it has reverted to winter this week, some places cold, rain and even snow. I’m glad I brought along a few warm things and my silk Long Johns for Tokyo! Better warm than sorry, bummer I did not bring my gloves though, and I lost my pull over cap. I’ll be visiting the dollar store! Here is one difference in Nihon and the States business wise. When in the States if a mistake is made no one wants to be responsible. Here I ordered the inside glove for my Yukake ( shooting glove) the store sent the wrong thing. We called them, they apologized and said they would sent the correct item and asked if I needed anything else. I said a Yumi rain cover. This was something I planned on buying at the Kyudo event. The store said they would send it along with the replacement for free and send it out right away so I would have it in time for Tokyo. Sugoi service! Perfect with rain in the forecast Yokatta!




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