Nihon Chronicles 2010 …Rain, Sakura and an Izakaya

19 04 2010

Day 2

I’m up at 6:00 am, dressed and over to the park. I started with some Chen Tai Chi under the Sakura trees. A short time later the retirees shown up for Yang 24, I joined them again. Afterward one guy tried his English on me. Nice fellow about my age, he rode a motorcycle, really more of a scooter, but close enough. In Japan there is no discrimination between “Bikers”.

We are having internet installed today at Mum’s Apt. nice, I’m Jones’n about not being in touch. Yet I know I am not missing a lot, if anything, but I do need some emails stored in order to TCB here on a couple of things. I’m back at my spot on the sofa now, watching the cherry blossoms and the light rain from the window, from time to time Sakura pedals float around the trees as the breeze frees them from their birthplace. I am delighted I finally got to see some Sakura here. Although they are past their prime there is the sense of beauty that once was and how they are all over the place in Japan, remarkable flashes of color. I am looking forward to seeing them full one day.

With the rain today and the nice view, it is a good day to hang out and really rest after our journey. Today the plan is after the internet is installed, which is an all day job I am told. It involves two or three sets of people coming to the house to do stuff. Phone company, internet company, maybe the provider, sugoi complex for that here. Afterward we are going with Okasan to an Izakaya for drinks and food. Wooohoo! Then a quiet evening at home. With Sake and the internet, maybe I hope I can see the last missed episodes of Lost and “V”. I would be a happy camper.


Internet is on, yay!! I’m reconnected to the world. ( all these post are of course after being connected, I just wrote the whole time on the computer and now sorting for posts)

Dinner and drinks at the izakaiya, was great!!!!!!!

I tried some new flavors and some old, yum yum,

I got my buzz going on from a couple of plum chuhais and we are back home out of the rain.

Good times!




2 responses

22 04 2010

Ooo the food looks wonderful.

9 05 2010

where in osaka can i practice archery,
please give me a mail/ and directions where I can practice it.
thank you

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