Nihon Chronicles 2010 …Zen n around

25 04 2010

Zen n around:

Today we headed to South Osaka to visit Yoh Sensei and his wife. Yoh Sensei is a Zen master and listed in the Guinness World Records for sailing around the world solo in a home built 21 ft sailboat. He runs a sailing school and Yacht yard in Osaka.

He is with the same organization I am an instructor with in Cal, ASA. We have met a couple of time but never got to really spend any time together. LZ and I made a quick pit stop at a pachinko place on the way to his place for a bathroom break, the noise was off the hook!

Today we were having lunch with our wives. He ordered Sushi which we ate in his office and classroom at the Yacht harbor.

I met several of his instructors who were working that day. We took pictures and they said they were looking forward to me sailing there. I did find out part of the reason why owning a boat in Japan is soooo expensive! Slip fees. At Yoh Sensei marina for my size it will run about 300.00 a month. For the “better” areas, like Kobe and such I could expect 3 times that amount. Some places could run as much as 30,000 per year! Sugoi!!!! Ok, So that really changes my plans on having a boat near where we want to live! Another goal after returning to the states besides getting ready to sail is to improve my Japanese 200%. After a great lunch we had green tea ( macha) and sweets and chatted for a while before heading out to the temple / shrine where he practices.

It is rated as a world heritage site. The Abbots son was there, he took us around and gave us a behind the scenes tour.

The heritage site Zen pagoda is over 1,000 yrs. old! Sugoi!! It wsa under cover while being repaired and refurbished. From there we went around the grounds and over to a nearby river.

Pictures and chatting was the order. Not much to blog about in words but the pictures say thousands. It was the first day of sun and warm weather since we arrived and overall a great day. a note: Today we travelled around via train. There was at no time someone moved when I sat next to them or did not want to sit next to me. Maybe one woman, but I’m pretty sure that was because the space was small not because she did not want to sit next to a “gaijin” Pictures can e viewed here:




6 responses

26 04 2010
Hans Brede

So French – this is all well and good …
but how about some words about the Taikai?

26 04 2010

Hahaha, Yeah I’m behind on all that, been busy. I’m putting those Kyudo posts together.

26 04 2010
Hans Brede

Yup, us arm chair travelers will thank you.

BTW, it was getting close to 80 degrees at RSD – enjoy the cool weather

26 04 2010
rick beal

I really enjoy these posts of your life’s journey. Thank you for sharing.

24 05 2010

Misako and I really enjoyed your visiting us at Osaka. I’ll send your article to the monk at Zigenin temple.
Go sailing next time!

25 05 2010

Thank you!! We had a great time visiting Sensei. I wish we had more time. Our next trip there will be for a few months as we will be on a break from the sea passage waiting for the weather window and looking for an Apt. Thanks to you and Misako-san for a pleasant visit this time. I think Chie will try to contact Misako-san. Mata ne!

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