Nihon Chronicles 2010…house hunting

26 04 2010

Day 4 around the town

I started the day again with early morning Tai Chi in the park. Another Obachan spoke with me and was tickled that I could speak my poor Japanese. They always seem to find that so special.

sakura petals floating to the sea

After breakfast it was LZ and I’s day to travel to check out some neibourhoods. These are off the main beat so we took some of the smaller local lines.

It is a different view of Japan more of the old style. However still with modern stuff. It is interesting. We went to see a Century 21 agent who showed us a couple houses on the computer then had someone take us to one to view live.

It was way up in the hills, 3 bedroom, all remodeled, with a yard. Very nice little home it was only 700 or 800 a month! Reason being it is away from the city and out of the way, no bus line, not convent at all. No matter it gave me a look at what is available for the money we will have to live off. That was what this was all about. There were a couple of places that looked nice for our budget.

This was just a trial run, a scouting mission. I can see now that it is possible to live here on our limited budget with some sacrifices.

One of them maybe my boat once we arrive, if I can not get some additional income other than my retirement that will be the key. The plan about teaching sailing on my boat or cruises will not play out in the area I can afford to keep the boat slipped in. English classes, hmmm I can not expect much from that unless I’m working for someone. Tai Chi again not much that I can see, pocket change. Working with a band, verdict is still out on that. Perhaps the biggest possible income factor. I will need to still research that. I’ll know more after Tokyo. There is the possibility of teaching sailing for Yoh Sensei, but I would need to improve my Japanese drastically, plus get licensed in japan to operate a boat. It will not a simple matter work, and start a new life in Japan, not impossible,  but not simple. Nor is life in the states… it is all about choices and which will give me the most bag for my effort bucks!

Anyway the couple of small towns where interesting, a bit out of the way. We had a small lunch break before heding back to Osaka

Next up the road to Toyko Tai Kai




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