Nihon Chronicles 2010…Seminar day 1

29 04 2010

Seminar: The gathering

I had had a fairly ok sleep for being in a strange place, strange bed. A better sleep in a way than over at Okasan’s sleeping on the floor with no padding other the tatamai and a mat. The bed was pretty comfortable.

It was a cloudy day, I was hoping it would clear up but it did not. In the afternoon it started to rain and keep that way into the evening.

On the way to the morning check-in I came up on Ed Sensei, from Georgia and the co-founder of the Kyudo Alliance, we walked together through the park which was excellent, to the Dojo.

The vendor of the day was there. I picked up a couple of very small items. I was hoping there would be more vendors there to compare, but no.
Over the next few days there was one other vendor and they traded off days. After my small bit of shopping I went over to the park to do Tai Chi  as my warm up for the day. Good way to start a day, lite breakfast, a walk, then some Tai Chi. I was ready for Kyudo.

The troops were coming in as I finished up and headed inside. I heard many languages in passing as I made my way through the mass of people. There was French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, German, English, Chinese that I could make out. I found out later twenty countries from all over the world  participated to the event. They were still organizing things for the registration so everyone had to hang out a bit while things were sorted out.

I came across 3M’s early, he was doing the Mr. Mom thing. We chatted just a bit then I went to change. The opening ceremony was not to start up until 1:00pm.

I met a few people and one from Sensei’s Dojo who is sort of part time student, who also trains in So Cal with Nanka Kyudo Kai and a guy from Facebook who contacted me about some things I was trying to sell to raise money for the trip. He lives in France, but was from the Bay Area. I introduced him around to a few folks, including my Senpai from RSD who was there testing for Sandan.

I had one sort of funny interesting moment. Someone came over to me and said, hi, you must be Marcus. 🙂 Wrong!!! I said no and pointed to him. Close guess since there were only two of us Nubians there. Turns out she was the editor of a magazine in Germany that did an article on him. Speaking of which, I wrote an article and LZ translated it into Japanese sent it to a Kyudo Magazine in Japan. They plan on using it in the next issue. Yeah, that’s right he is not the only brother getting some press 🙂 Out in the #15 issue of Kyudo magazine in Japan.

Everyone was changing and getting in line for practice shots. I was nervous and my usual shyness was on, so I just watched and checked out things. By the time I got ready to shoot, the Sensei were practicing for the opening so I just worked on standing, holding the Yumi and leaving the dojo. It was show time.

I really felt lost at first, how the line up went, that kind of stuff. Nothing that was a big deal and bring “oh here is a dummy” attention to me, just small things. After the opening ceremony and all, we lined up to shoot, we split into sections I was in the Mudan of course. Each group Mudan, Shodan, Nidan and Sandan had their own “dojo” I heard it called, I called it group, or clan. Everyone had a number which “ranked” them by their experience. I was number 52. Mi-chan wife of M3 was number 268 she is Sandan, that gives you an idea of the range

The whole time I’m thinking I hope I’m not Omae, the leader of my group of 5. As Murphy’s Law would have it I was the leader on to the floor.  I was a little bummed to be the Omae, at first I thought BUMMER but after I thought about it more, it is a good position! Yokatta. I set the pace I just have to be aware of the shot count behind me.

Overall I think I did ok, I was told once again about my teniuchi, so that is something I really must watch for the test along with not placing my hand too high. Place on my hip bone, not on my waist. I missed the target on my first two shoot and only shots. I did not get a chance to try again. There will be more shooting tomorrow we where told.

We as a group were told, overall our shooting is ok, we just need to work on our entering and leaving the Dojo. Doing the Tai Hai was more important than shooting. I had heard this many times before, for my level, that is where my head should be.

Once the day was over, I went back to the hotel, then shopping at the Department store for dinner, next day breakfast ( yogurt, fruit, bread and a drink)  and lunch ( 1 or 2 vegetable inari). Then a bit of reading, , small wine, some internet, a bath and then crashed. Pretty simple training life style.