Nihon Chronicles 2010…Seminar day 2

30 04 2010

I dressed for the cold today, silk Long Johns, extra stuff, etc. However not needed, it was fairly warm spring weather yay!! As it turns out it was the ONLY warm day. It was therefore a very nice walk to the dojo through the park. After the day’s training I found a spot to meditate for a while on my blessings to be able to attend.

I’m writing this from memory on this post a few days later, usually I write that evening on notepad on the Mac then clean it up later before posting. However I had been so busy with the seminar then coming back to the hotel, going food shopping, processing a few pictures and reading the Kyuhon I just crash afterward.

The sessions every day started with some kind of demos from some Sensei or several.

We got to shoot maybe today maybe two rounds each. They , the Sensei stood behind us and watched and picked things that needed corrections. Over all I got fairly few on my shooting. I did have my Hakama adjusted on the correct wearing way/placement…again. Doh. Ok, I got now!

They had us work on breathing and walking at a faster pace but keeping the timing. Another things was entering doing Rei and leaving doing Yu. We went over that a lot, everyone was a stickler on that, it is a huge big deal to do correctly. Where we were suppose to stand, etc, that kind of stuff, over and over.

We had several lecture over the next couple of days and many times told to go sit in the dojo while they were working with other to learn. There is a Japanese word for learning from watching. I recall Nogomi Sensei telling me that also. “you watch to learn , then practice”

Another thing they told everyone was to relax more! By the end of the day we were more relaxed and functioning better. One of the motivations was we should not worry about shooting, but the things they were telling us about timing and stuff and if we did not get it correct everyone would suffer! That got people’s attention.




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