Nihon Chronicles 2010… go’n back to Cali

9 05 2010

Monday night we were packing. I had done my stuff fairly early and was just having out relaxing, reading my book, trying to stay warm and just feeling the vibe of Japan. Taking in the last pleasures of the life in Nihon. Ahhhhhhh

Not as nice a bath as the house in Fukuoka, where I could look out the window over the back valley view, and a bit smaller, but still…ahhhh

I starting feeling something off about the trip. I signed off in my head that I was just concerned about the check in with baggage and the yumi…that was my logic

We had a peaceful breakfast with Okasan on Tuesday morning, San-Sakura, then just basically relaxed.

We did not have to leave until 12:30, when the taxi would come for us. I’m still feeling something, but what can you do … perhaps still nerves. I did have some concern about checking in the Yumi’s for the flight home, was I going to have to pay this time?

The taxi came and we were off, the Yumi case with some effort fit into the car. We made really good time to the airport and got there much earlier than planned. I enjoyed the ride to the airport taking in the last of the city views of Osaka. I have adjusted know to the vibe of Osaka and feel much more at home in the area. I still like the outer edge more than the city , but that is just my nature for anywhere.

Once at the airport we figure we could check in do a few things, pick up some omiyage (gifts) then catch the plane home.

There were starting to be some lines at the check in with the beginning of golden week.
We got in line, it moved along slowly, LZ got up to the self check in and started the process. That is when things started going wrong….very wrong.
She was told she could not leave the country, she had forgotten her green card! Once again I had to unexpectedly fly home alone.

I meet a guy on the plane, who ended up getting LZ’s seat. He was on his way back to the States, we chatted as a bit as he was one of those talky kind of guys. The conversation lead to him telling me he did weddings in Japan and he had some good connection in our Osaka area. I thought ok cool, maybe this is a fortunate event. He said, give me your info I’ll get you some introductions when your ready to move back to Osaka. I gave him my card with my email. I’m out of my cards right now, he says but I will email you once I get to a terminal and we can stay in touch.
…it is disheartening to run into people who are just talk, sadly there are a lot out there. I never heard from him again.

All in all a bad ending to a good trip, life is change. I guess the universe has to balance it’s self out. Too many good things, then you got to have some bad things. Otherwise one would think life is easy… I guess. I spent the next week dealing depression and with shipping her card to Japan during golden week which not an easy task. It was fine from the states but getting it taken care of in Japan is the problem.

So now from a joyful set of events to worrying about getting LZ back to the States and when, her losing her job, me finding one, sigh

…Life is an adventure, life is change, life is a challenge,  life is also a pain in the butt at times.




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