The road to recovery…

17 05 2010

Since Japan the main thought, other than what now…?, has been work, a job, income. I have been on this thinning road of EDD and no money for way too long. Not because I want to be, because I have had to be, there has been no, not to be. ( get it? too be or not too be! Hmm ok never mind)

Moving on…

I had an interview with West Marine a boating store a couple of weeks ago, that went no where, even thought I thought it was a good interview I heard nothing since then. I did get a email from a Tai Chi student asking if I was interested in a weekend/holiday job at the Marina, where I had applied, with no luck at the boating store also. However this time I was able to land the job as an Asst Harbor master. It is just a weekend job, but I’m hoping to get some “extra” benefits from it (discounts). They are letting me work just two weekend a month so I can still teaching sailing during the season. This is important for long term.

Another interview landed me a part time security job. This will also help. The bad part is it does not pay much and is only P/T if this was a full time job, perfect! On the other hand being it is P/T I can still look and interview on other jobs with out taking a day off to do so. The bummer about both of these jobs, even combined I do not make the same as unemployment. Which means when EDD is finished in 1-2 months, I will have a more negative cash flow. I’m hopeful I am more on the road to recovery than complete collapse. We still have a 2-3 month window to locate a sheltered port, so to speak.

Kyudo practice will be catch as catch can. I went to practice today and I can attend the next few Thursdays instead of Sunday’s but after that…? Sensei wants me to help him teach at the new Dojo on Thursday. That will still give me some practice. At least I did reach my goals with Kyudo as hoped for. The Force was with me, so there must have been a reason.

I start the new Security Job training tomorrow, Monday. the hours are good, 2 pm to 6 pm as far as NOT staying up all night to work! I did not want that. Also I get more experience which will give me a better chance at other jobs. I did have an interview with a new company that wants be because of my Martial Art skill and background. The pay is better, it will be full time, it will be riskier…but it doesn’t happen until perhaps July.

So at least I am walking the road to recovery and not still standing in the ditch, in a nautical sense, drifting on a windless sea with my sails up…at least there is a small breeze.




2 responses

17 05 2010
Accidental Aikidoist

Even martial art teachers have it rough? I guess it’s not easy for anyone nowadays…

I’m still surviving on EDD benefits myself in my 20s.

17 05 2010
Sensei Strange

Bless you friend. You will thrive.

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