Lab Rat…

22 05 2010

Over the last week I have been in training for the new security job. This time it is doing security for a medical center. That is a whole different bag from the other job. I had to get medical check this time. Which means “golden rain” to make sure I’m not “enjoying” myself when at home. Also I had to get check’d… twice! (*_*) for TB.  I hate needles! Now on top of that, my personal doctor, sent me in for a blood test, yup more needles. Also a golden rain check. Not careing about home “fun” but health. Anyway, I’ve been giving fluids to be checked out like I am a specimen. On top of that, I need to go in to get some Hep B shots for working at this hospital…jheeze! Did I say I hate needles?

I went by the hospital today to check things out. Not bad, it maybe an ok job. I do some foot and driving patrol and I believe sitting in the guard shack in the parking lot. Nice so I do not have to deal with flipped out patients or visitors. It is about 20 min from home in good traffic. I should start next week. It is only p/t but with the other two P/T’s we can survive until things turn better. That is a blessing and something to be grateful about.




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21 12 2010

good is my friend

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