Spring Kaboom in the City

25 05 2010

Two times a year the local radio station puts on a fireworks display of a huge magnitude. They do not do advertising for their station with ads and the like, instead they do this fireworks show. The first year LZ and I saw it, we viewed it from the water. We were on a boat ride with friends and they took us to it, we were almost right under it at the time. LZ never forgot it!! She has been dying to see it again. As with many things, the first time is the best. Finally some years later we went this past Sat. night. The city of S.F. forced the station to move the show to another location rather than just off the pier in S.F. Oh I forgot, the last show we did see , but from our balcony at the Apt. off in the distance we could see it. However there was a lot of smoke that block the view after a while.

This LZ found a ferry ride that was going out to view the show and she booked us seats. She also told our friends, another mixed couple ( her bud from Osaka) from the Islander yacht club about it. They also went.

We took the Bart Train over to the City rather than drive.

It makes life simple doing that. Only problem came when we had to wait and wait for the trolley to take us to the pier to meet the Ferry. This Trolley line has old style trolley cars, which reminded me of the trolleys I used to ride in Philly as a child. I was quite surprised to see a plaque mounted on the one we rode saying it was from the old Philly Line!   Another surprise was when we got on the trolley there were our friends as well.

Once we got to the Ferry all the tables were taken so we made do with just a window bench.

Once the fireworks started most people went on the upper deck. Not me! Turns out the sit we were in faced the show and I could see very well from our seat. Yay! The bummer of the show, was it was far away, and it was shorter than in the past. Times change…

Otherwise it was pretty cool. Because it was  a radio station, they had the music timed with the display. I could not hear clearly because of the engine sound, but I did make out the WHO on one of the sets. I always liked them from my Rock and Roll days.

It was cold , but it was a cool evening. Next time we can watch form home as they moved it to a place that is right across from Apt, although on the other side of the Bay.




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