The Blackbird and the Hawk

6 06 2010

When I was driving home the other day I saw these two birds on the top of a lamp pole next to the highway. One, a large black bird was flying back and forth, it was frantic. This black bird was larger than the bird it was hassling. It kept trying to get the other bird to respond, buzzing it. The other other bird , a small hawk, totally ignored it and just kept watching the cars go by.

One would think the black bird was trying to protect something or gain that spot where the other bird was sitting. Yet all it could do was bluff and make a big fuss…

It reminds me of a Kyudo group who is upset by a smaller one, so they fly and fuss. I wonder what they fear. There is no duality…


I did hear in Japan that the states is not the only country with these internal Kyudo riffs. I think it was Germany who is also having some internal conflicts. Someone from France said they heard of the States problems, maybe we are more famous even with less people.

Can’t we all just get along…?

The Ya and Yumi do not care their function is pure, to shoot, to hit.

We add the complications.

Kyudo is Kyudo

The Tao is the Tao.