Renseikan Kyudojo…opening

12 06 2010

Thursday night the traffic sucked…major sucked. It took me almost 2 hours to make it to the dojo. On a good day I can make it, pushing things in 1 hour in the ole ultimate driving machine. Thursday, well as I said traffic sucked. Anyway, I got there things had not quite started yet. I got changed and we started. Tonight was the first official 1st class. Only one of the guys from the last few weeks was there to start class. He was the one I worked with last time, a nice guy, very interested. The loud guy did not show up, so that took care of that issue. The rest were all new and all females, one was a child, one had studied in Japan and was a Ni-dan. She said she had not practiced in years so she was very unsure about things. I thought she did well.

The Dojo for the most part is finished with the setup, The Backstop curtain is on a track so it is easy to setup for class. Sensei said he ordered some makiwara’s from Japan and some Kaki’s since the class ones he had got stolen! All the woodwork is done, the place even though small looks nice. Sensei did a good job on the carpentry.

So we had a small class, but everyone tried hard. Sensei gave a somewhat short talk on the History of Kyudo, includingt’s “Zen” influence and showed the Basics of training. There were two of his older students there to help with the new people, but I ended up being the one to explain what the Shaho-Hassetsu were as he demo’d. The seniors were too shy, it had been a while since they practiced. I did not feel qualified but I guess that is part of training and someone had to step up.

The group went through the basic standing form there was lots of help from the seniors, almost 1 senior per student including Sensei. Sometimes I just stood back and watched as I am really the junior and helped only as needed. In some cases that was just speaking Japanese as all the women spoke Japanese.

At the end of the class Sensei had me to do the  sitting Tai Hai. It felt kind of weird with half the people there studying longer than me to be the one doing the demo. 1. San-dan, 1. Ni-dan, 1. Mu-dan but longer time, anyway it was ok, it did give me a chance to practice and shoot. I have not had much of that as of late.

Over all it was a good class even though small. The test will be who comes back next week and the week after, and after that…

I had thought that this would be my last Thursday class. The drive down is long , and I thought my Tai Chi /Chan class was starting next week. However the Chan Sister in charge is off to Taiwan on Tuesday for several weeks. So I will still have Thursday free. However the question is now, will I be able to handle the trip down once a week, physically, mentally and financially . Seems like the new security job is collapsing do to a change of hours. If I want to stay working it may mean, 12 hour shifts, from 6pm to 6am ! I already said I did not want to work nights 😦 , and 12 hours five days a week, all night is two much, standing outside in all kind of weather.

I thought things were improving…sigh, I guess I’m still in the sailing doldrums . Time to re-center.




One response

14 06 2010

Sounds like you’re really getting a trial by fire there, and in many dimensions. But I’m sure your teacher wouldn’t have you demonstrating if he didn’t think you were the right person for the job, and your experience teaching other arts must go a long way. Teaching is an art, too.

But it does sound like you’re going to have to find a practice place closer to home. Or a makiwara. Maybe you could make something?

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