The World is a Dojo

20 06 2010

Sisuk (Kung Fu Uncle) has been on me for a while to get up early and do my tai chi drills and breathing, world chi is the morning is best. I do fairly well I think getting up at 6:00 or 6:30 and doing some breathing, but mostly Zazen. These days starting work at 6:00am has been an adjustment. I am up at 4:20am , Yuk!!! I am at work by 6:00 basically walking my beat, working my post. I try to make the most of my time while at work which has included listening to my Japanese pod 101 mp3 files. It as been helpful and increased my vocab. LZ gets excited whenever I throw out a new word. It occurred to me that I can also take advantage of the time for some physical drills also beside just walking. I had added doing my Chi Gong drills in the parking lot off to the side. Also doing some silk reeling and Ba Lum Gum drills as well. Just the other day while doing some Tai Chi drill to expand my chest and back which I had fund helpful for doing Kyudo, I took on the thought that I can even do some Kyudo drills. Ashibumi, really finding the most balanced spot, sinking Tanden, Dozoukuri, etc. Sensei Jyozen of Nanka Kyudo Kai in LA has his group after doing Zazen do sort of an air drill of the Shaho-Hassetsu. So I gave that a try as well. Since I can not put in the time at the dojo, the phrase “everywhere is the dojo” or the World is your Dojo takes on a different or at least an expanded meaning. I have told my Kung Fu students, how as a young students my classmates and I we did not do training only when we went to class. Training became part of our life style, that is how you progress. Now with the expansion of my arts into Kyudo this also applies here while doing my patrols. Using the work time as paid practice/training need to carry that not only into the physical side with Chi gung, Tai Chi, Kyudo, Japanese language, but also in mindfulness of just walking, being empty. Not think about sore feet, sun, heat, cold, passage of time, but all of this is just another day in training varied aspects of Chan, and not a boring job watching cars and a parking lot. It is more Shaolin/Taiji/Kyudo/Chan training and how cool is it that I am getting paid to do it! The World is a Dojo.

Finally a practice…

20 06 2010

Sat. past was a good day at the marina job. It was very hot, but fairly quiet. I got to listen  to the internet radio and work on a article I’m trying to get published in Black Belt magazine, a local Martial Art magazine.

After work I did a bit of work on the boat, grabbed a bite to eat then headed out to RSD for some needed Kyudo practice. As I was running late once i arrived. I only dusted the hardwood floor and did not sweep. I also did not do my meditation or Tai Chi before warm-ups to really get me centered.  I just shot. It took me a while of shooting before I felt like I was coming to center. I had thought of my job, and what to do about that, as well as going through relax this, correct that, raise this hand , drop that shoulder. None of all that was really good for hitting the target, but that is not what I was there for anyway.  I just needed to shoot, and work on my form and clear my mind of non-Kyudo things.

It was really my first solo practice since retuning to the states. I felt out of whack. although someone who saw me shoot my not have noticed, but I noticed, I was  not fully there. I did after a short while get off a couple of shots that felt good, but it was not consistent.

I really need a place closer to practice. I’m thinking perhaps if I officially join the local Buddhist Temple where I was helping with the Karate classes, they will let me practice there in the yard.  Then also if my earlier shift at the security job stays I can go from work a couple of days out to RSD to practice since the job is about half way there.