Finally a practice…

20 06 2010

Sat. past was a good day at the marina job. It was very hot, but fairly quiet. I got to listen  to the internet radio and work on a article I’m trying to get published in Black Belt magazine, a local Martial Art magazine.

After work I did a bit of work on the boat, grabbed a bite to eat then headed out to RSD for some needed Kyudo practice. As I was running late once i arrived. I only dusted the hardwood floor and did not sweep. I also did not do my meditation or Tai Chi before warm-ups to really get me centered.  I just shot. It took me a while of shooting before I felt like I was coming to center. I had thought of my job, and what to do about that, as well as going through relax this, correct that, raise this hand , drop that shoulder. None of all that was really good for hitting the target, but that is not what I was there for anyway.  I just needed to shoot, and work on my form and clear my mind of non-Kyudo things.

It was really my first solo practice since retuning to the states. I felt out of whack. although someone who saw me shoot my not have noticed, but I noticed, I was  not fully there. I did after a short while get off a couple of shots that felt good, but it was not consistent.

I really need a place closer to practice. I’m thinking perhaps if I officially join the local Buddhist Temple where I was helping with the Karate classes, they will let me practice there in the yard.  Then also if my earlier shift at the security job stays I can go from work a couple of days out to RSD to practice since the job is about half way there.




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6 07 2010
Romulus Burnett

Black Belt Magazine local? Ha! I’ve been reading BBM since I was 15. I used to fantasize about owning all the weaponry in the various ads in the back of the mag. They need to put you on the cover.

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