Working the Plantation

29 06 2010

A couple of us call it the plantation because it is working outside all day exposed, sun, wind, rain, cold, no shade, no sitting, only the water we bring, even on a break one is suppose to be still “on-watch”.

I’m making the best of it and staying on the positive side as it is income in hard times. I start @ 6:00am, Since I have nothing to do but watch and walk, I do Chi -gung from 6-8am , then I have a break during which time I read. Then from 9-10 I walk around at a fair pace to work my cardo. Another hours break more reading, I can sit in the car. I’ve found if I sit there with my sun glasses on and a book in my lap of can nap a bit in short sections, look-up and around check the area, then nap again. on and off. I look at it as good sailing watch training for the ocean passage. Next 11:00-12:00 Stance training, then another hours break reading and lunch, still on duty though. After that, 1:00 -2:00 more walking, from 2-4 pm I listen to my Japanese podcast to help improve my Japanese.

Finally 4 – 6 killing time, walking , standing meditation. Now I have my iPod I can also do some emails, and such, so it is not so bad. I’ve grown used to the 12 hours days. I will be pleased though when it cuts back to just 8 hours. Not too bad a job/life except for the Sun and cold, there are worse way to make a living, survive in hard times. However I am sure it will be most unpleasant when it turns winter. What is ironic, My Dad always pushed me about getting educated, so I could have a good job. He was a Security officer when he retired. I stayed with school and got a degree so I would not had to do that, yet, here I am. Some kind of Karma, facing , embracing what you fear to over come it comes to mind.

What I really have a hard time understanding about this job is when all the cars are gone, or before they come in, why does someone ( there are two of us on site ) HAVE to be walking around patrolling an empty parking lot. One can see the whole lot from any position, sitting or standing. Must be some big picture thing I’m missing. Oh well , mine is not to reason why… I’m getting paid 🙂




2 responses

29 06 2010

…you sound resigned …maybe you should not …don’t accept this! Zen, come on, don’t accept this! Have you thought of a job teaching martial arts to kids somewhere where you could be paid for your knowledge.

29 06 2010

Heaving-to in the storm Frankie
Everything is temporary on life

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