A new day in Kung Fu land

4 07 2010

New class session started  last week with the Park and Rec dept here on the island. My Tai Chi & Kung Fu classes have a big turn outs which is surprising. The Tai Chi class always does well people think it is easy because it is done slow and soft looking. Ha ha ha. Then they find out it takes effort and commitment from them. Out of 20 some people that started last year 3 or 4 are are still coming and those are not ones I would have expected, good for them. There are about 20  people for this section. The Shaolin / Mantis class was canceled the first 2 sections last year. This year I opened the class for both Tai Chi and Mantis, there was a good turn out…only the Tai Chi people made it to the end of the session. I was expecting a larger turn out this session for the same class for Tai Chi but out if the new 8 or 9  people 1 or 2 came for Tai Chi and they are open to learn anything, Shaolin Mantis or Tai Chi This seems like it will be a good group. I get a good sense from them… so far. Several of them already know it is proper address to me is Shifu. Overall they for the most part are catching on to what I have given them to study quickly…so off to a good start.




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19 07 2010

I am visiting the Kansai area for the first time this week. For a while I have been searching for a place to visit in Kyoto and/or Osaka during my visit. From this I found your website. Lately I am doing Hung Gar and Choi Lee Fat. Is it possible that i could attend your class? I would enjoy learning something new and to have a work out while I am there.

Best regards,

19 07 2010

Thanks for the comment. I am not in Osaka at the moment. Sorry for both of us.

16 08 2010

I never saw the Yin/Yang graphic float like that. Interesting. Darkness and Light flowing together with and without form? (Is that a good way of viewing it?)

Yeah … I noticed in your pics earlier that you can sit full lotus. That alone created curiosity about … WHO is this brother?? ((chuckle))


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