Holiday Kyudo

2 08 2010

I am behind on my blog post. I write some on my iTouch however I get caught up in other stuff and do not get around to posting… Oh well. This will continue for a while There is lots going on right now.

It was special I had only a half day to work, but got paid for six, very cool. It was also nice I had the whole weekend off to do whatever I liked. Which was work on the boat for change and get some practice time in.

So Monday after work I headed over to RSD for some kyudo practice. I stopped and had lunch by the water front in Vallejo on the way to the dojo. It was was good to get some quiet time. Once at the dojo after cleaning up some from a/some disgruntle Racoon(s) I started my practice. Since I had the time I went through my whole session starting with some Zazen.

Next up was some Taikyuku doing Sigung’s Taiji palm. It helps warm up the knees as well as the shoulders and chest area besides building the Ki

Once finished with those two items I felt more centered to do Kyudo. I recall the last time I got to practice I did not feel quiet there, er with it, in the connection of balance with the bow. This time on my first shot it felt better, far from perfect but much more centered than before. I went through twelve shots with standing form, before taking a break. After some tea and fruit I went on to the next section , the sitting / kneeling form was next.

I took few deep breaths and had at it. Considering the time without a full practice I thought it went well. It got better as did my shots after I got more centered. Mostly I worked on form, recalling things I was told in Japan, more than going for hitting. I did notice as my draw and form improve so did my hit rate. Again I did six shots, tea then six more before calling it a day and heading home. So in all I had a good three hour practice.

So for the holiday weekend I did get to work on the boat and practice some of my arts. It was a productive and restful weekend holiday, the first in a while and the last for another while.




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3 08 2010

Are you usually by yourself when you practice? I guess it’s the double-edged sword of kyudo popularity. Several hundred people at all levels use our dojo, so it’s big and nice and… no raccoons, but I’d be lucky to have it to myself once, and maybe only for an hour, out of an entire year. Enjoy the solitude while you can!

Oh, by the way, your shodan rank was dutifully reported in this month’s ANKF Kyudo magazine. They do that whenever anyone, at least in Japan, moves up a level. No pictures this time; just place, date, dan level, and name. Did you ever find the magazine with your article?

3 08 2010

These days I do pratoce solo sometimes my sempai is there . Our is just a very small private studio. Three can shoot at one time and four the most part there is but three of us. Somedtimes four. For sure not an uptown kind of place but it works fir us.

I will have my wife request another copy of this months kyudo sent to Okasan.

We do not know what happen with the article . The magazine only comes out a couple or so times a year. Maybe they decided not to use it. My wife has been to busy to contact them. Oh well chisai koto .
Mata ne!

4 08 2010

Kyudo Nihon is the name of the magazine. My wife is trying to find out now what is happening .

4 08 2010
17 08 2010

Vary cool! I just ordered a copy.

8 08 2010
mankenlik ajansı

Next up was some Taikyuku doing Sigung’s Taiji palm. It helps warm up the knees as well as the shoulders and chest area besides building the Ki

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