Tanjoubi Reflections…2010

14 08 2010

The day started like any other day way too early at 4:00am. A bit more thankful to be working and healthy as I grow nearer to retirement with the hope that the government foes not take it’s lack of management ability out on on the seniors and mess around with social security. That would tragic and a disgrace besides being a major bummer!

No big plans for the day, it will be a quiet passing of time. Hard to believe so many years have passed in this short life span. Considering the shape of the world I did ok with a lot of help from my spirit guide, to be even where I am. It is not where I planned back in the day, but it is a lot better than it could be and it is luxury for many. For that I am deeply grateful. I starting this post from work on the iTouch, how cool is that ! I love this thing. After getting off work I will be going to get some long over due Kyudo practice.

The article on the Nihon Kyudo magazine came out. I was shocked to be on the cover!! I ordered a copy for memories, Okasan was surprised to see the big write up about me. She was impressed and showed it to her brother. I guess in the Kyudo world now, at least in Nihon I’m some what famous. It is like the thing with musicians here in the states, Jimi Hendrix and others had to leave the country to get respect. I sure got very little here at least from the head organization or the local one for that matter. No congrats on my win, no mention on the national website. Not even an invite to the northern/southern Cal training seminar. Maybe it was lost… maybe it was my blog comments (^_*) . Kind of sad though does not really make me feel a part of the organization. Just for the record I have met some very nice individual people from the Assoc. Maybe this is why it is so small here in the states, not much inclusiveness that I see. People like to feel a vaild part of something bigger than themselves. I’m just saying…However, what do I know…I know little about the big picture, I am , a lowly Shodan…a just nobody, well, a nobody with a world cup Taikai bronze metal (^_^)

Anyway Kyudo Nihon magazine wants me to do another article I am working on it now for the next issue. The magazine comes out four times a year. This is good ground work for my relocation, nice I will be appreciated somewhere. I wonder if Nogami Sensei was shocked also about the magazine.

I had this cool idea the other day for a Kyudo ritual when I do my passage. I will shoot three arrows as a ceremony. One entering the Pacific Ocean,  at the Golden gate bridge. Another one crossing the equator, the final one entering Nihon waters. I’m hopeing to have my Sandan by then.  Then after some training with Nogami Sensei test for Yondan in Japan. That is of course if I pass the next two seminars here in the states. Also if I’m allowed to attend, I have no idea of my standing with the  AKR or the NCKR/NCKA whatever it is called. I really am in the dark as far as my membership. No one has never said so much as boo since I joined. No welcome, no your dues are yearly due on this date, no these are our rules, zip! Maybe my dues expired and that is why I received no invite to the  local seminar. Hmmmm maybe I’ll be an outcast and have to join the rouges in NC. Yet another Ronin. Am I being to dramatic ? Haha a Leo trademark and it is my Tanjoubi (^_^)

I was over at the Zenamaran yesterday. It still feels alien. It will take some time to settle into the new feel of things.

I had my final Kung Fu class for the season with the Parks & Rec dept last night. When I arrived at class the room was all decorated with balloons and the like. I Thought oh no they found out about my birthday, how and I’m shocked they care. I was wrong the students were shocked as well, the party was for the county staff. However it did make for a good backdrop for a group picture.

This was my best class group in a long time. Most of them caught on to things fairly quickly and those that did not stuck with it and tried…good for them. There were also a couple of funny people in the class so over all it was a light hearted group that did well. I hope to see them back next round. I’ll break with my tradition of holding just basics for a while and give them a form for a bit of a challenge and help my senior student and me review.

I’m off work in another two hours and I will be able to enjoy my day. We’ll see how it turns out in part two…

Part II

The afternoon, was peaceful. I went to the Kyudo Dojo and got in some practice. Over all I thought it went well. I feel like my stance is stronger. I practice doing Ashibumi at work I think it has made a difference. I did not go through my personal workout as I did not have that much time. So I just did standing shots. One Ya for each of my decades. Then as repeat with Tai Hai. I was pleased with the results, not great hits, but it felt good. I just used the pair of Arrows I tested with in Nihon. So just doing pairs took a little longer. I have another good set of practice arrows ordered from Japan. I was hoping they would be here for this, but I’m still waiting. I hope they do not take as long as a couple of people who said they would send me pictures from the TaiKai. I’m still waiting for those…

Next I head home, LZ had made me some Oiishi Thai food. Yum! I ate all of it!
From there off to Help with Chan class for the evening. It started out with just my three Chan sisters and myself but soon another couple of students showed up. It was my night to start them on Tai Chi as a suppliment to their sitting practice. After some warm up drills the first thing I started them on is Taiji walk, not the form just the walk. What is that you ask!!

The roots of the tree that grows deep and reaches high. It is to Taiji as belly breathing is to sitting Chan.
After we finished we did a bit of group meditation. Once done with that I took off early I wanted to go sit on the Zennamaran our future home next year, feel the floating of watering and the sense of the night with a bit of reflection and prayer.

Thankful to have survived and even thrived on some levels in dark times. Allah be praised! _/|\_

It was a good year, We went to Hawaii, Japan, I got a bronze metal, my Shodan, permission to train with a hanshi, my picture on a national magazine cover, several new jobs, traded my boat, ..and can now sit in a full Lotus !! Whoot! Not bad for an old guy.