Almost Famous

26 08 2010

My mother in law sent me a couple of magazines from Japan I ordered.

Karamatsu-San had told me my picture was in the Official Renmei mag. But I was surprised to see how many. Kind of a nice treat after being ig’d here.

The AKR has a new website there is a section for members only. Since I got all my news about them from Facebook I was pleased to see that I was admitted to that section when I signed up. So that means I am in good standing …I had no idea as I said before.

I saw they have several stories from members about their trip to Japan, which they asked to be submitted…

Ok so now I know about the website, thanks to Facebook posting, now I can keep up with what is going on in the organization. Mainly the next international test, which will no doubt be posted on Facebook as well. The AKR should setup a Facebook page. that would be helpful.

There is a perhaps larger ( than the Nor-Southern Seminar) Kyudo event up-coming in January on LA. It is not AKR santioned so it most likely will not be listed. It is supposed to be via the Kyudo Alliance the rouge AKR group. It is being promoted more as a tournament both 28 meters and 60 meters than a seminar. Yet there is a senmenar with the program and that is about shooting 28 and 60 meters. I would like to plan on attending but…

anyway I am not really interested in the tournament. I am more interested in the learning experience of the seminar than the competition .

My Chan group is on break the next couple of weeks so I will be helping Sensei at the dojo with his new students. Another form of training for me. The next test seems like a long ways off …these thing roll around pretty quick depending on perspective. I hear it should not be until summer, but I hope it is around Spring. Testing Ni-dan is not that complex I hear but I still need to polish more what I know. Now that I know more of what to expect I can relax more at the testing.

Friday Kung Fu with Shifu is back on however I will miss this month. It will be however good to get back onto the swing of Fu things. I only have another couple of years training with the group left before I sail off into the sunset.




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26 08 2010

Congratulations! Your friends and family can be proud of you. Your country too.

26 08 2010

Thanks Frankie.
Friends and family are, country not so much 🙂

26 08 2010
Accidental Aikidoist


26 08 2010


2 09 2010


Korekara mo ganbatte kudasai ne!^.^

4 09 2010


26 09 2010
Nikki @ EuphoriaLuv

woot! congrats. it’s nice to see 🙂

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